The Start of 2015 in the Land of 1000 Dances

Music, dancing, good people and low gas prices make it happen

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 10, 2015

The Start of 2015 in the Land of 1000 Dances

?íOrale, Mi Gente!

?íYa te has ido, el a??o 2014...sheesh! ?íEra tiempo!

Despite a lot of not-so-good things during the year, 2014 ended with some good notes.

http://www.eastlarevue.com/ East L.A. Revue Internet Radio made it to another year on the World Wide airwaves, playing that fine Chicano-flavored music tastes around the World 24/7, while sponsoring and supporting worthy charity events in and around Los Angeles.

Chicano Express Radio of Texas also celebrated 15 years over the world wide Internet Radio airwaves. Congrats to Crazy Chuy Hernandez!

I don't really care what others think, I hope you all had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
(There! Somebody said it sin miedo! Como qu?® "political correctness"?)

President Obama officially declared the war in Afghanistan over for U.S. troops.

We gave it our best shot, but some fools just seem content in blowing themselves up and keeping their people in backward holes in time in their own country....

?í...pues, se vale!

...so we left them on their own to continue their thousands year old traditions of killing each other, abusing & killing women in the name of religion, living in poverty in the dark, staying uneducated, and denying rights to anybody who don't agree with a bunch of unemployed, unskilled, and under educated zealots claiming to be clerics.

Their choice...but they keep coming HERE looking for business, education, and religious consideration (aka tax breaks) while they stir shit up for us that we never asked for, while crying for equal rights that are denied in their home countries....oh well, a ver que pasa en 2015.

...lot of U.S. Veterans coming home...THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE !

Gas prices are under $3.00 for the first time in more than 4 years in the U.S...under $2.00 in some parts of Texas & Arkansas!

Everybody gonna have health insurance this year, and hopefully, a lot of needless suffering and deaths from non treatment can be avoided.

People are wising up, looking at the issues & truth, and have begun to stop blaming Israel for all the troubles and lack of cable TV in the Middle East. ?íOrale!

Hopefully, the issue of illegal immigration will be addressed this year by a new Republican (sorry, Gente) Congress, and people will stop picking on those poor Canadians, Chinese, Eastern European, & Middle Easterners who keep illegally sneaking into our Country looking for a better life and more spending money.

President Obama recently stated on national TV that he is in favor of FREE Junior College for all Americans that qualify. RIGHT ON, OBAM !!! Make higher education equally available to everybody that really wants it ! Thank you!

(as the Grandfather of 9 and probably more coming, that's GREAT news to me!)

A new Facebook-based website reviving the spiritual, educational, historical, cultural and art spirit of the Chicano Movimiento has arisen and stretched throughout Aztlan to include California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado to maintain the unique identity of Chicanismo before we fall into the political chasm of surrender & subjugation known as being "Hispanic", a racial category originally named for political expediency in the 1980's by the Reagan administration to bunch all Latino tribes together so we would fight for crumbs amongst each other, and forget the European invasion & rape of the Americas starting in 1492.

Califaztlan Raza. ...check them out on Facebook. ?íOrale!

Ok, OK...I can feel eyebrows & neck hairs rising behind the giggles & scowls, so I'll [i]calmame[/i[ on the political stuff for now....

...but my FIRST complaint of 2015: Why on earth did Juanita's canned menudo cut the medium size cans by 1/3, and then raise the price per can by a dollar? That REALLY sucks!! Talk about corporate greed!!

As a lifelong faithful customer for many years, I took this as a personal insult, so I'm personally boycotting the brand in favor of sticking corporate greed in the booty just a little on my part, and heading back to my local panaderia with my pot early Saturday & Sunday mornings for the GOOD stuff !

(Juanita's stuff was getting watery anyways, LOL!)

OK...on with the musica, watcha:

2014 ended with so much music & dancing during Christmas shopping season, it was so good to see people getting out again.

Despite the closings of popular Chicano night spots like Taste of Texas in Covina, and Gringo's in Montebello, there was still lot's of great live music to be heard at places like Maggie's and Bruce's in Santa Fe Springs, the Whittier Radisson Hotel and Steve's Bar-B-Que in Whittier, Katie Jake's in Covina, Arturo's Cantina in Fullerton, the Presidente in Northridge, the I.V. Lounge at the Guest House Hotel in Norwalk, Zendeja's in San Dimas, Club Trinidad & Stinger's in San Bernardino, Pirate's in Oxnard, the Marina in San Pedro, a couple of well-tended American Legion & VFW Posts in L.A., Alhambra, City of Industry, and Chino, and of course, everybody's favorite spot, the Santa Fe Springs Outdoor Swap Meet.

Popular West Coast Chicano groups like TIERRA, MALO, SAPO, SANGRIA, BALANCE, ACE, Ray Carrion's LATIN ALL STARS & EUROPA, PEPE MARQUEZ & GROOVELINE, SOTO, BARELA, Louie Parra & Thee MAD LATINS, TEASE, ORIGINAL SACRIFICE, BB WOLF, the KOOL KATZ, and the PARIS ESCEVEDO Band toured up & down California and some to neighboring states like New York, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, & Texas to spread that fine Brown sound Aztlan with soul & grace ... and the Gente danced!

The TEMPTATIONS Revue Show, and the L.A. Harbor area's hard-hitting Funksters extraordinaire RICK'S JAMNESIA Band also made their mark in the Land of 1000 Dances with a couple of outstanding sold out shows at the Marina Restaurant in San Pedro, thanks to promoters Christina Mirasol & Titus Smith. We had good times!

After a well-attended Christmas Rock & Soul Show in San Fernando that featured some wonderful talent the first week of December, it was off to San Pedro the next week to the Marina Restaurant where I was honored to be House DJ &MC for the "Soul Holiday by the Sea" event, featuring The TEMPTATIONS and RICK'S JAMNESIA. Great party, big crowd, lots of dancing.

The next night it was off to the American Legion Post in Chino where I again has DJ/MC duties as Louie Parra and Thee Mad Latins blew the roof off the place for a great Christmas Party and dance. Singer Lulu Cardona was on the mark indeed

New Year's Eve it was off to the Guesthouse Hotel in Norwalk for the annual SANGRIA Band New Year's extravaganza party, which this year also featured the electrifying TEASE Band.

The Guesthouse pulled out all the stops, opening up two halls for two simultaneous parties that were easily accessible to all paid guests. The party package also included a gourmet buffet dinner, deluxe rooms, champagne at midnight, and a full breakfast the next morning, which included some of the best home made menudo I ever tasted.

We (The Fearsome Foursome) were fortunate to score a V.I.P. table in the party room featuring TEASE, with Art & Kelly Galvan of The KOOL KATZ of San Jose, who were also celebrating their wedding anniversary, sitting with us. Art & Kelly also took the stage for a couple of hot numbers, joining TEASE as they rocked the house till after midnight.

Of course we took a couple of short romps to the SANGRIA room for a couple of dances, but the night belonged to TEASE, as they kept the dance floor full with their great sound, and the DJ filled in all the blanks between sets.

The next day was so beautiful, that we found ourselves cruising up the coast, ending up in Carpinteria, where we were greeted by singer Pepe Marquez. We kicked it at the famous Giovanni's Pizzeria in downtown Carpinteria, enjoying some great pizza, pastrami, and cool drinks by the sea as we watched the sun go down.

The next day was only Saturday, we still had gas in the car and a couple of bucks (even after Christmas, too!), so we got duded up and headed to The Marina in San Pedro for the evening, where the SOUL SHOTS and RICK'S JAMNESIA Band were taking the stage, celebrating Titus Smith and TIERRA's Rudy Salas's birthday.

The place was packed, the music was bumpin', and of course we were tirando chancla mas de aquellas con la Gente on the crowded dance floor. Highlight of the night was an impromptu blues number by Rick's Jamnesia in honor of Rudy & Titus, taking the "Happy Birthday" song to another planet... it was THAT good!

Both bands were in sync and sounding so good, and East L.A.'s DJ Looney Tunes rounded out the program for the night, spinning labels at the tables between sets. Afterwards, we were privy to a private after party with Rudy & JoAnna Salas that made for a full evening of good times...ending around 3 AM, LOL!

This New Year promises to be even better !

The Presidente Restaurant in Northridge opens up a new season of live music this weekend starting it off with Bobby Martinez & THE BROTHERHOOD Band, featuring the "Diamond of the Valley" Becky Cordova.

February 7th, I will be hosting a fundraising show for the historic Hemet Theater renovation & preservation that will feature HANK CASTRO (Thee Midniters), TONY STRONG (The Intruders) and NORMAN CARTER (The Delfonics) with special appearance by QUIET FIRE. For more info, (951) 658-5950 or log onto www.HistoricHemetTheater.com. Help us out, and I'll see you there!

Valentine's Day, February 14th, BALANCE returns to L.A. for another dinner/danc/hotel package party at the Guest House Hotel in Norwalk. Frankie Firme will be your MC & DJ. For tickets & info: 714-724-9940 or 714-864-4337.

February 22nd, the Whittier Radisson Hotel will be hosting an East L.A. tribute concert featuring original members of Mark & The Escorts Band, The Blendells, Lava & The Hot Rocks, and many others....more info pending.

So that's it for the start of 2015...what are you doing this year?

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily on World Wide Internet Radio Station www.eastLArevue.com
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