LA Latino Native Matt Medrano in Upcoming Movie AMERICONS

Latino actor/producer makes the impossible possible with indie film opening in AMC theatres, January 23

By Matt Medrano
Published on LatinoLA: January 21, 2015

LA Latino Native Matt Medrano in Upcoming Movie AMERICONS

My name is Matt Medrano, LA born and raised.

I'm of full Mexican decent and am proud to say the movie I produced and acted in will be in AMC theatre's nationwide starting Jan 23.

This movie means so much to me on many levels but the most personal being that in hopes this movie will inspire Latinos, especially the youth, to go out and pursue their dreams and passion.

I have faced many struggles as a Latino actor in Hollywood as I feel we are very under represented in TV/Film. Things are getting better but when you look around closely, we tend to see many Latinos in CA, especially in LA, where majority of projects are being made. I think it starts with the power of seeing faces and races that you can identify with when you're a child.

Growing up there were very few Latino faces I would see in the media and in TV/Film. I believe seeing that as a child not only empowers you to possibility but gives you people to emulate, and direction. It's getting better in Hollywood with diversity and we must continue with being in the position who does the hiring. Part of why I wanted to produce was not only my deep passion for movies and the art of filmmaking, but also to tell my own stories.

With that came the opportunity to produce AMERICONS. My friends Beau Williams and Matt Funke created AMERICONS and Beau was the main writer. With fortuitous timing, I met my producing partner Michael Masini on a TV show we were both filming on The Protector and found alignment in vision.

When all four of us met, it was a perfect fit to go out and make this movie together as a team. It was made on a indie budget that rivals larger budgets films.

It's nearly impossible to get a movie in theatres nowadays and AMERICONS has made so many elements of the impossible to possible. AMERICONS is a fascinating true story of the real estate/mortgage collapse that crashed our economy in 2008. What really makes our movie unique is that it tells the story on a level that hasn't been told yet.

We make it relatable by minimizing the jargon of that world, and how everyone was involved -- from Wall Street, bankers, brokers, real estate agents and appraisers. We scripted from an inside eye Beau Williams had as a mortgage broker on how documents and banks statements were being fudged to get anybody into a home under the Option Arm loan. AMERICONS is also very visually stunning with a killer soundtrack that just pulls you all in.

AMERICONS will be in AMC theatre's this Friday Jan 23.

All the support for people to go out and see this would not only be worth your time and money, but also prove that the Latino consumers exist so that more Latino faces will be cast in TV/Film.

It is my hope that my accomplishment will reach out to fellow Latinos out there to give us something to be proud of and be inspired by. I'm looking to be reaching out to Latino youth, especially those at risk, to talk to them and in any give back to help develop character, goals and self esteem.

I appreciate all your help. Go check out AMERICONS at AMC theatre's this opening weekend Jan 23.

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