Children's TV Gets a Master Class In Music

Music maestro develops Babu-Lula-Leo, a new children's television show based on Latin music

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: June 29, 2015

Children's TV Gets a Master Class In Music

[b]Award-winning producer, composer, and songwriter Daniel Indart is expanding his repertoire, entering the world of children's television with his new project: "Babu-Lula-Leo." Indart, known for his many musical contributions to hit TV series such as Kingpin and The Sopranos, is now in talk with many studios to produce an educational children's program that will introduce children to many of the core concepts of music and musicianship.

Indart describes the show as being about three little heroes, a girl and two boys, who use music to solve the challenges of the day. "While they do that‘«™ they communicate the possibilities of doing music and also learning about notes, pitch, rhythm and harmony while they are working as a team."

Naturally, with someone as culturally diverse as Indart at the helm, the show also ingrains a multicultural element, featuring a variety of colors and flavors from all countries, Latin American especially.

Indart explains that his mother, a famous choreographer and ballerina who toured through Latin America, inspired him. "From every country my mum picked up different aspects of the cultures, especially music and dance. All that stuck in my head."

It was important for Indart to create a multicultural show, especially today because of how interconnected society is becoming because of technology. A culturally diverse man himself, Indart recognizes that as the world becomes smaller, it becomes more important not to lose the distinct diversity we have in our culture. "Basically, it's a one-world environment, so I wanted to bring that even more. Everyone is giving it now, and my show represents that."

"Babu-Lula-Leo" was built from the ground up around music. Indart focused on music as the vehicle for the show, as he feels that music is being neglected, despite it's importance in children's education. "In this country‘«™ music is actually being pushed aside, given the cutting of the budgets in education‘«™ I think this is my contribution to bring it to the foreground." Indart's passion for music as a natural part of culture is what motivates him to create an educational program, noting the he even remembers learning his first words with songs attached to them. "Music is the core and essence of society," Indart says.

Indart also took a moment to talk about his other upcoming projects, including 'Jane, The Virgin' and an upcoming film. "The most exciting part of it is discovering new talent. We just discovered a couple of rap artists from Bolivia that rap in this interesting original language from the heights of the Andes. They rap about social issues and then change to local society and we're going to place them here in major films and TV shows."

Indart is also in the middle of producing a children's album featuring old traditional toddler songs to "bring to the Latin world." The songs are in English, but with Latin grooves; Indart hopes that it will be "very exciting for the new generation of American kids that can savor a bit of a Latin feel to their old traditional songs."

Daniel Indart is an accomplished musician, known for his knowledge and understanding of various Latin music. His new show, "Babu-Lula-Leo" is currently being looked at by several distributors, including Nickelodeon and Freemantle, and hopes to be picked up soon.

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