8 Crosses on 4 Corners - James Dean's Final Journey

Book review of a short novel by Scott Brimigion

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 21, 2015

8 Crosses on 4 Corners - James Dean's Final Journey

I love the fact that I am blessed to have had parents that pushed education & reading. It's a gift I will take to the grave. More parents should do the same...hell, more parents should read more! Beats looking at your phone in public.

Through reading, I have been able to explore the universal world of literature and history, opening the doors to the arts that span centuries and the globe...and my life has thus been enriched far beyond the 'hoods of Aztlan, giving me a pathway to understanding the world we live in.

...literacy prevents slavery...think about that one...

A good song, a good stage play, a good movie, good conversation with good people where stories & experiences are shared, or a good book, tell stories that can take me to other times and other places unlike any road trip, and briefly satisfy my fascination with people, history, science fiction, fantasy, religion, music, reality, the arts and the macabre.

A juxtaposition of all of the above can only be found in a good book, where your mind can experience some things we may never see or do or go in real life, but we have all have had fantasies & dreams wishing that we did, or glad that we didn't...right?

That being said, let me share with you one such experience;

What if somebody famous & celebrated from the past who died a violent death came back to life in today's world, absorbing our present day world from his 1950s perspective, and was given a chance to make a fateful, major difference in our world that could last forever?

What if a beautiful, famous movie star who mysteriously committed suicide many years ago, also came back to life, to join this person in making that difference...and fulfilling their love affair that never culminated while they were alive ?

What if a much-talked about curse that kills people was not really a curse...but the devil at work at a real California location, and these two people discovered it?

Add a group of people who have died at the same location over the years, but have not left this world, all congregated as spirits & ghosts at an abandoned and lonely Los Angeles cafe that still stands, but has not changed since the 1950s, despite the demolition of surrounding buildings over the past half century in the name of progress...and asks the questions: Why haven't they gone? Why has the building been allowed to stand in the middle of downtown Los Angeles all these years?

Sprinkle in some factual history, nostalgia, real Southern California towns & locations that still exist to this day, and you find yourself reading a book you can't put down, and hoping it turns into a movie someday soon.

Actor and author Scott Brimigion, the reigning James Dean lookalike for the past 20 years, has written a marvelous book with all these ingredients and more.

Actor James Dean, the celebrated 1950s movie star best known for his role as a rebellious Los Angeles teenager in the movie "Rebel Without a Cause," died in a violent car crash on September 30, 1955 at the height of his career in Cholame, California. He was just 24 years old.

There is a mystique and legacy surrounding Dean's tragic death, which has stirred controversy for over 60 years, and Scott Brimigion's book takes this mystique to another level, enthralling the reader with a morbid, yet tantalizing, tale of a crossing of two worlds in way you never imagined when you went to church or school.

The story line is tactfully intermixed with actual historical facts and people, and I found myself almost reading the entire book in one sitting. (I've read it twice more since then, with similar interest )...the spectacular ending would be marvelous in Cinemascope & technicolor!

I was privileged to meet Scott recently and I must say, he bears a stunning resemblance to the late James Dean, and he easily shares facts & Hollywood history about Dean and other greats. He gifted me his book after we had an exchange of history, music and the arts, and I stand enlightened and grateful.

He tells me he got the inspiration for his book through a dream, and his dream became a literary reality in a short time....thanks, Scott!

"8 Crosses at 4 Corners" earns 4 stars & 2 tacos on my LatinoLA Arts & Entertainment review.

I highly recommend this book, which is available on Amazon.com. One of the better fantasy/science fiction book in years!

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily on internet radio station www.eastLArevue.com
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