News from the Brown Side of Town

Chisme and music news for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: November 16, 2015

News from the Brown Side of Town

?ŪOrale, Mi Gente!

Halloween & Dia de los Muertos have passed, it's getting colder, and now we getting ready for our favorite holidays with less than 60 days till 2015 is over and done‘«™time to break out the warm clothes ... and get ready for tamales!

A lot of us on the common sense side of town are still chuckling and admiring our girl Hilary Clinton for her magnificent performance and fight with the Republican Congressional Committee who tried to gang up and rat pack her for 11 hours last month, blaming her for a lot of dumb shit THEY played a part in ‘«™ and she came out like a champ, making them all look like jealous little kids who didn't get their way in their efforts to discredit her‘«™ home-girl took a lot of silly shit, whupped them, and her makeup didn't even sweat or smear!

THAT'S the kind of leadership talent we need in the White House! Let's face it, people!

..they we all laughed when ALL the Republicans Presidential candidates started sniveling & whining how CNBC "bullied them with inappropriate questions" for 2 hours during their last debate ‘«™ so now, they don't want to have NBC to host or televise the next Republican Presidential candidate debate.

I mean ‘«™ REALLY??...do they know how tapado they look & sound? Do they realize how [i]pendejo[/i they make their supporters look? Do they REALLY think we don't see & take into account (AND will REMEMBER) what they look like to us when voting time comes around?

Busted!...and Rush Limbaugh continues to be the leader of racist fools!

‘«™and now, some churches want to step in and start having some influence on changing some laws, re-arranging our Constitution, and having a say on how our country should be run by THEIR standards, all the while enjoying tax free status, while they take in billions in "tithes" from worshippers across the Country, and live the life of executive luxury without question!

I mean, don't me wrong ‘«™ I attended Catholic school & catechism as a child and survived the abuse from sociopathic nuns with the best of them, and I, along with my children who were baptized, and I am respectful & thankful anytime I have the opportunity to worship in GOD's house for any given solemn occasion ‘«™ and I see some great efforts & results from small local churches who aren't so snooty & judgemental as they help & support others ‘«™ but let's keep the big (corporate looking) churches, and THEIR politics & backroom influence OUT of our government, or let's start taxing these big churches for some of the billions they collect ... is that cool or what?... have THEM start paying some taxes & bills to help support this country and watch how they act !

No wonder other countries look at us like rich spoiled bastards they don't have to respect! Certain elites get in on the mordida, excluding the middle working class and the poor... and then, they "see" how tax supported public benefits like welfare, food stamps, assisted housing and medical care for Veterans & the poor are described as a drain on our economy by Republican politicians who think cutting taxes for the rich, refusing to tax the big rich churches who make big political donations so they can lobby their candidates, and cutting off tax supported programs for the needy will somehow make our Country "better" in their view‘«™ WTF????

Ok, ok‘«™I'm getting "those looks" from our Editorial staff who try to keep us neutral in all the political caca that's being flung around (El Editor shaking his head & smiling again‘«™sorry, Jefe!), so I better be cool on my political observations.

On the cool y mas firme side, I REALLY have to give thanks to all the organizations and individuals who have put in so much effort this year on digging up and sharing hitherto "hidden" truths and history about this great Country's RAZA of ours, and their exposes of "politics as usual with the good 'ole boys" which are thankfully coming to an end after generations of unfair & undeserved privileges, double standards, and denials.

A big "tip of the hat" and thank you to PBS television for their outstanding documentaries on Latinos, Blacks, Native Americans, and Asians this year ‘«™ I have learned and shared SO MUCH history with others, and a lot of people are thankfully starting to see our American history in another light.

A big thank you to web magazines & websites like us here at LatinoLA.com and others like Facebook, and Twitter, who have capitalized on the uncensored & unrestricted freedom of social media on the world wide Internet to help culturally educate, inform, and entertain people like no other time in our history, simply by allowing people to share information and develop their own opinions & perspectives..

...really scares the hell out of those who's riches and assets date back to our American history's "Manifest Destiny" (...check THAT one out on Google if you're scratching your head.)

In my 60 years of walking this earth, I have personally seen changes in this American society in which we live. My perspectives & attitudes have changed over the years, and the accomplishments that different peoples of different colors have made in getting & taking credit for their previously unknown but truly magnificent contributions in making our country the great, rich, and FREE country that it is really changes my perspective on what I was taught in school as a youngster ... so I consider myself enlightened.

My take: There AIN'T no second class human beings in my World‘«™ some people may be more fortunate, but none are better than others ‘«™ Orale!

And lastly...our hearts go out to the people of Paris, France...'nuff said !

OK! On with some music news, watcha:

The Latino music world has taken some hits recently, losing some more of our great talent, as the warm winds of Aztlan blow softly across the Land of 1000 Dances, carrying souls to Heaven..

Internationally recognized percussionist Raul Rekow of the great Carlos SANTANA Band recently left us, as did drummer Ralph Orozco III of the popular SATISFACTION Band, SANGRIA's manager & former bass player Danny Rios, and East Valle Productions Promoter Chuck Herrera of San Fernando ‘«™ Heaven's band got them some great new talent and a great promoter to go with them! ... R.I.P. Brothers ‘«™ our condolences to the familias.

Our hearts also go out the victims of storms & tornadoes throughout Texas & the Midwest ‘«™ times are not going well for our people in that side of the Country.

Couple of weeks ago, the Annual Carpinteria Avocado Festival was rained out for the first time in over 20 years, and we missed a performance of Pepe Marquez & The Grooveline Band ‘«™ so the Fearsome Foursome ended up at a private party at the Pepe Marquez Estate on this rainy afternoon, sharing food, drinks, music & laughs with members of the Grooveline Band Ray Cordova, Louie Medrano, singers Sabrina Lagos and Dora Sanchez, along with Martha Vital and other friends, ending the night at Giovanni's in downtown Carpinteria ‘«™ never a dull moment, even in the rain!

With the coming of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, more & more talented musicians are giving it heart & soul, and participating in supportive concerts designed to assist the needy at this time of the year ... I personally want to thank you!

And the best music on the World Wide Web heard 24/7, rain or shine, heard around the corner, coast to coast, and around the World since 2007 is still EastLARevue.com with DJ's Frankie Firme, Sugarbear, Chico Manqueros, Howard "El Chino" Ng, El Betoman Tigerina, Crazy Chuy Hernandez, and El Sapo serving up a full musical buffet of all you can hear. A big hat's off & tip of the tongo to CEO Steven Chavez for helping keep it alive for the past 8 years, commercial free!...thanks, man !

2 weeks ago, myself, PACHUCO JOSE Y LOS DIAMANTES, along with the REBELLIOUS BLUES DOGS & friends participated in a fundraiser for Mrs Lorraine Esquivel in her battle against Cancer at a public function held at their home in La Puente which drew well over 300 people throughout the day. Rather than make it a sad day occasion, it was a celebration of life as many in attendance were Cancer survivors or families of, and the spirit of the day was "FUNK CANCER!", as food, music, drink, dancing & merrymaking were the order of the day.

Last weekend was also a heartfelt showing of emotion and talent as Christina Mirasol of SoCalEvents Videos hosted a 3-day weekend music event dedicated to honoring the Victims of Murder in Los Angeles, and bringing the community together to join in solidarity against senseless killing and violence that currently plagues our streets. All 3 days offered food, drinks, vendors, raffles, and FREE admission & parking.

Starting off on Friday with a Reggea on the Waterfront theme on Friday, and ending on Sunday with Old School on the Waterfront, I was involved in the big one on Saturday night labeled Latin Soul by the Waterfront.

After an impressive entry and event blessing by the Peace Riders MC, I was honored to be Host/MC and DJ for the evening along with DJ Sugarbear. Monibee Henley came up on stage and gave a beautiful solo performance of classic Spanish & Mariachi ballads, along with some Oldies but Goodies to get the crowd going.

Comedian Gilbert Esquivel then came on stage to entertain the crowd before introducing Rocky Padilla, who came up on stage with his friends the Chicano All Stars which included top flight musicians that included Robert Zapata, Rick Reyes, Bobby Loya, Titus Smith, Tony Hernandez, Ronnie Reyes, Gilberto Torres, Pops Padilla, Danny Padilla, Al Valenzuela, Gil Tower, and singers Steve Salas & Gilbert Stokes and together we ALL rocked the San Pedro Harbor till the sun went down, and howled at the moon as singers Steve Salas & Rocky Padilla treated the late staying crowd to some impromptu karaoke that had us all singing along‘«™what a moment! You should have been there!

Big shout out & thank you to Christina Mirasol & Titus Smith of SoCalEventsVideos for a great night & memory.

Ray Carrion, L.A.'s current "Top Dawg" and Latino/Chicano Rock & Soul band leader has been touring the southwestern United States keeping the music alive & the Gente dancing all year long, and is now closing 2015 with a bang as he has joined up with East L.A.'s beloved THEE MIDNITERS, Thee Mr. Duran, Comedian Rudy Moreno, and yours truly DJ Frankie Firme, along with his renown Latin Legend All Stars to celebrate Thee Midniter's 50th Anniversary with three star studded concert dances in the L.A. local area.

We talking Ray Carrion, Rocky Padilla, Lil' Ray Jiminez, Gilbert Stokes, Steve Salas, Hank Castro, Sal Rodriguez, Francesca Cappazzo, Pat Vegas, Walfredo Reyes, Irma Cui Cui Rangel, Greg Walker, Chepito Areas, Steve Gutierrez, Tony Hernandez, Rick Reyes, a few surprise guests, and of course THEE MIDNITERS, featuring the classic East side horns sounds of Larry Rendon, Bobby Loya & Bobby Navarette.

November 20th, and 21st finds Thee Midniters & Company at the City of Industry VFW Hall 1944 kicking up chancla mas de aquellas from 7pm to Midnight.

November 22, the party shifts into overdrive at the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant & Ballroom in Pico Rivera for a star packed finale featuring Rudy Moreno as Host & MC.

Then, December 12th, Ray breaks out with his great SANTANA Tribute Band EUROPA, probably one of the best on the West Coast featuring many former SANTANA band members and other Latin music stars, for the "East Bay Legends Concert",at the City of Industry VFW Hall 1944. Frankie Firme will be your house DJ.

For info on ALL these shows call: 323-895-2863, and tell 'em you heard it from LatinoLA.com !

The two heavy hitters from the Inland Empire, ORIGINAL SACRIFICE and BB WOLF were at it again last weekend, makin' beautiful music for the Gente out in Moreno Valley for promoter Debora Perez & The MAJESTICS Car Club's annual Christmas toy drive and Cancer Awareness Car Show jam. I was honored to serve as MC &DJ for the day, and we rocked "Mo-Val".

Saturday, December 5th is the Annual Oxnard Tamale Festival in downtown Oxnard starting at 9:00am with a parade. Food, vendors, live music and much more. See you there!

New Year's be will be rockin' in the Land of 1000 Dances this year. Always, we caution our readers & supporters to make reservations early, please drink responsibly, and don't drink & drive. Booking a room is the best advice for the night if you live more than a couple of miles from a venue or party...be here in 2016 !

Orale! Caught the SATISFACTION Band in action this weekend at Maggie's Pub with special guest, drummer Rene "Reenie" Flores...they were hot ! Look for SATISFACTION to start hitting the road again. They are scheduled to join up up with THE COMPANY Band this New Year's Eve in Canoga Park. For tickets & info: 818-389-9214

Peter Jaramillo's Whittier Radisson Hotel, the sight of so many great shows & events over the years, will be hosting a New Year's Eve Extravaganza that is so big, it will take up TWO party rooms! Room & food packages available. For information: 562-945-8511 & 562-945-8518.

Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs will be hosting a New Year's Eve Jam that will showcase the popular ACE Band, one of East L.A.'s finest Chicano Rock/R&B/Soul Bands. Food , dancing, champagne & merrymaking until next year! For information:562-944-5399.

Two of Southern California's top heavy hitters performing the best in club/dance/party/soul/R&B live music makin' the rounds, the BALANCE Band and The TEASE Band, join forces on New Year's Eve to rock the freeway and beyond at the Norwalk Guest House. Two ballrooms will jammin' till past the midnight hour! Dinner, rooms, and breakfast packages available. For information: 562-868-0991.

And THE BIG ONE to end 2015 will be happening at the historic El Paseo Restaurant & Cantina in downtown Santa Barbara where DJ's Frankie Firme, Sugarbear, and KUCR FM's Angel Baby will host/MC and DJ a New Year's Eve all out party to beat parties, featuring the one & only pride of West Coast Chicano music TIERRA, live on stage, and the popular & heavy hitting GROOVELINE Band, featuring the "Soul Man de Santa Barbara", PEPE MARQUEZ, with special guest performances by Monibee Henley and TeCheetah Lopez. Food, drinks, dancing, and merrymaking till next year with Aztlan's best !

For information: 951-880-4758.

And so, all we can do now is wish you Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and A TON of Brown love & respect as we say goodbye to 2015 and "ORALE...bring it on !" to 2016.

...may our children & women remain safe & protected, may our cultura & history continue to spread, may our arts & music live forever...and may EL Editor de LatinoLA.com live to be 100!

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & The Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul
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