Niños Migrantes on Nat Geo Mundo

Emotional journies revealing poignant stories shared by the youth making a dangerous voyage in search of a better life, May 28

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: May 19, 2016

Niños Migrantes on Nat Geo Mundo

Tens of thousands of children are forced to migrate from their homes in Central America and Mexico every day due to unrelenting poverty and overwhelming violence. This month, Nat Geo Mundo takes us on an emotional journey revealing these poignant stories shared by the youth making this dangerous voyage in search of a better life. The gripping two-part docu-series, NIÑOS MIGRANTES, tells these stories by way of first-person accounts from the lawyers who work on behalf of the migrants, the children and their parents, offering an inside look at the personal side of immigration.

"With this unique and poignant series, we seek to shed light on the humanitarian crisis occurring at our borders told through the eyes of migrant children themselves," said Carmen Larios, SVP of Programming at Nat Geo Mundo. "Each and every day, these families put everything on the line in search of a better life in the United States. We hope NIÑOS MIGRANTES helps foster a dialogue and builds understanding of the issue and its vast political and social implications."

NIÑOS MIGRANTES is comprised of two hour-long episodes, "Frontera Sur" and "Frontera Norte"which will premiere back-to-back on Nat Geo Mundo on Saturday, May 28, at 8PM ET/PT.

"Frontera Sur" ("Southern Frontier") tells the story of six Honduran and Salvadoran children and how they took giant leaps of faith by setting out on an arduous journey to reunite with their parents in the U.S. Leaving behind all they have ever known, they migrate, as their parents did before them. In this episode, the children explain how they crossed borders and walked across countries, braving deportation, suicide attempts, survival against all odds and other threats often far more deadly. Some make it to Mexico on their journey while others keep going until they cross the U.S. border where they hope to start new lives.

"Frontera Norte" ("Northern Frontier") follows two families, one Mexican and one Salvadoran, and provides a deeper understanding of the parents' motivations in making the difficult decision to subject their children to such a harrowing experience. Ultimately, the most important thing to them the reunification of their families and the promise of a more peaceful life together. From kidnappings to open court cases, these families have been through it all to obtain a higher quality of life.

These stories give real voices and faces to the suffering of migrants forced to leave their homelands. Join Nat Geo Mundo on this journey examining both the political and social context, the risk this type of migration entails and the consequences of this humanitarian crisis.

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