Bernie Sanders Revolution

Strong and United con el Bernie el Sanders

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: June 16, 2016

Bernie Sanders Revolution

I don't know if the death of Prince or of Bernie not being the Democratic Candidate has affected me more.

I'm still sad about Prince

I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and Believer.

Bernie is a once in a Lifetime Presidential Candidate …and I don't comprehend how people don't see that.

NO scandals, drama, investigations. And a servant of the People .

And Latinos: OMG are still Voting for Donald Trump is unbelievable…Hello .

[/i]Y la gente appoyando y votando por la Hillary Clinton …de veras no lo puedo creer.[/i]

[/i]Hillary no esta con la gente, esta con las CORPORACIONES, los Bancos grandes, con Monsanto, y Wall Street.[/i]

[/i]Deporto a todos los niños y niñas. Y ha assitido en la separación de Familias, con la Administración de Obama.[/i]

Well to say the least this is by far the most challenging, interesting Presidential Race.

Really Really….

[/i]EL Senador Bernie Sanders esta por la gente.[/i]

Bernie has set many Americans on fire…people are more aware, and have Joined his Revolution

[/i]¡Que Viva el Bernie el Sanders!

We the people and Supporters will stand United and strong with Bernie Sanders

My Only explanation is that [/i]la Gente estan[/i] misinformed and misguided

But there is no doubt that there has been major Voter fraud and Voter suppression

[/i]Yo estoy firme y en Unidad con la Gente que Apoyan al Senador Bernie Sanders.[/i]

About Maria Reyna:
Varied Artist, Poet, community activist
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