Famed Dog Behaviorist Cesar Millan Returns to Nat Geo Mundo

Cesar 911 sets up for for an exciting third season starting Tuesday, July 5, 2016

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: June 29, 2016

Famed Dog Behaviorist Cesar Millan Returns to Nat Geo Mundo

As famed dog behaviorist Cesar Millan (@cesarmillan) knows all too well, no one is immune to the challenges that come with owning a difficult dog -- even celebrities. In the third season of Cesar 911 (starting Tuesday, July 5 at 8/7c on Nat Geo Mundo) Cesar encounters everything from a potentially fatal sock-eating habit, to the dachshunds of legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica. One has an excessive barking problem, and the other has a "hating Jerry" problem, as the Seinfeld's describe it. This season, Millan heads to New York City to help them sort out the furry funny business.

"Here's where I feel really bad 'cause this poor guy, Cesar Millan, who has fixed every dog he's ever met... he's not gonna fix this dog," quips Seinfeld. "When he leaves he's gonna be in tears, 'cause he's gonna have to say to me, 'I'm sorry there was nothing I could do. This is one messed-up dog. This dog is a sick puppy.'"

But Millan's not scared off that easily. Often, the dog owners he encounters are stressed out, nervous, terrified at times, and they feel out of control. The third season of Cesar 911 will focus on relatable "I know a dog like that" cases, such as the yappy dog at the front door or the neighborhood menace that growls at everyone and pulls its owner up and down the street. But the season also features Golden Retriever-Chow mix, Leon, which is suffering from anxiety and depression, becoming uncontrollable and a problem for his owner.

Each episode, Millan packs in practical tips and valuable insights to help loyal fans and new viewers alike. Time and time again, dog owners from all walks of life turn to Millan to help them build strong, healthy and happy relationships with their beloved canine companions. No dog is too big and no problem too small for Millan to come to the rescue. He helps dog owners find the road to happy dog ownership using his time-tested formula of exercise, discipline and affection.

Often, the cases this season warrant Millan taking both dogs and owners to his Dog Psychology Center, a 45-acre facility in the hills outside Los Angeles, where he can utilize his pack of balanced dogs to socialize with the problem dogs and exercise the animals using a special pool and long pack walks. Millan interacts very closely with the owners, teaching them how to handle and correct their dogs' problem behaviors. He also works with the dogs and owners at home, where he can help them overcome issues that occur in common living areas like the bedroom, kitchen and living room.

After a period of rehabilitation, Millan gives the owners homework assignments -- challenges to master their leadership over their dog. At the end of each episode of Cesar 911, the owners rejoin Millan to review surveillance footage of how they handled their dog in the homework assignments. Millan tells the owners what they did correctly and what they can continue to improve. He then offers some final words of encouragement and thoughts about his experience working on their case. The families are now equipped with the knowledge and tools that only Cesar Millan can provide!

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