Honduran Priest Publishes New Book of Poetry

Afro-Latin Song seeks a balance between voice and soul, song and rhythm produced by African blood

By Orlando Addison
Published on LatinoLA: July 5, 2016

Honduran Priest Publishes New Book of Poetry

A resident of Port St. Lucie, Fr. Orlando J. Addison, has released his second book, a collection of bilingual poems, English, Spanish, "Canto Afrolatino/Afro-Latin Song." His new work introduces a new voice in Honduran and Latin American literature, a voice that represents the growing minority of Afrolatinos on the hemisphere. Addison's verses aim to enhance the Afro-Latin presence in literature. His verses denounce social forces prevalent in the lives of a majority of Afro-Latins. Through his poetry, Addison seeks to rescue the Afro-Latin values distorted by literature of the past.

"To write the best verses carved in the sand of the Honduran Caribbean is one of the top styles of a great poet like Orlando Addison; extract the deepest sea feeling and tell true friends what concurs in his heart," says professor Lexy C. Medina de Baide, head of the Literature Department of the University of Honduras.

"CANTO Afrolatino (Afrolatino Song) distributed musicality in each verse, the rhythm under a sculpted figure to the echo of a sea drum revives blood, fetching and carrying memories in the sand and palm trees gleaming building a concert in the hands of the drummer" added Professor Medina

According to Addison, "Afro-Latin Song seeks a balance between voice and soul, song and rhythm produced by African blood, containing as it does emotional, romantic verses and poems with social commentary."

"This second collection of poems reflects Addison's poetic and literary maturity and his commitment to his people, to the Afro Honduran and Afro-Latin communities" says M. Jane Roberts a resident of Michigan, a poet and professional translator.

Addison's purpose is to open doors, a little wider, through his poetry book Afro-Latin Song, for other Afro-Latin writers to emerge and for high school and university students to deepen their knowledge of Afro-Latin literary works and authors.

Addison's bilingual poetry book Afro-Latin Song can be obtained by going to Amazon.com. The author is planning a series of book presentations in the Treasure Coast area in coming weeks, more information to follow through this media.

Orlando J. Addison is Honduran by birth and an American citizen. He is an Episcopal priest, vicar of Holy Faith Episcopal Church in Port St. Lucie located at 6990 Federal High Way 1 and author of several books, including the novel Happy Land, Night Was Afraid to Fall, his first bilingual poetry collection, and the novel Ernesto Gamboa. Addison has published articles in the Nuevo Herald and other Hispanic newspapers in the United States and Latin America. He is the father of two children, Nicole and Steven Addison.

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