Bobblehead Trump Continues Swinging Wildly

Faith and hope will always win

By Kat Avila
Published on LatinoLA: August 1, 2016

Bobblehead Trump Continues Swinging Wildly

A-bobblehead Trump,
The only place fit for him
Is the city dump.

A-bobblehead Trump!
Dump Trump!
Dump Drumpf!

This self-penned ditty has been running through my head since the Republican National Convention (RNC) with just one change. I changed "TJ dump" to "city dump," because I didn't want to insult the people in Tijuana by putting Trump anywhere near them.

Oh, let me count the ways we can dump Trump. One of my immigrant students asked me why I looked so tired the other day, and I said it was because I had watched as much of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) as I could and I had to work on lesson plans at the same time. I needed the faith and hope of the DNC after the ugliness, hypocrisy, cowardice, and lying of Trump and his ignorant hordes.

Draft-dodger Trump should know that you do not mess with the military, or their dependents, or their extended families. (My own father served during the Korean War and Vietnam War.) He cannot buy veterans off with a belated check. Trump's belittling of the parents of the late Capt. Humayun Khan, a Muslim American who heroically sacrificed himself to save his fellow Americans, was truly noxious.

We all have run into belligerent bullies like Trump at one time or another. But none of them has been awarded the power that Trump has as Republican presidential nominee. He gets support from white supremacists, religiously racist evangelicals, and people illiterate in science and technology. You can't get stinkier than that. Ted Cruz can wag his middle finger at them and tell them to "vote their conscience," but they never developed one.

Trump is not an American who belongs in this century. He advocates mass hate crimes against great swaths of humanity.

But We Are One. Instinctively, deep down, we all know this. May Faith that lies beyond religious labels and Hope that knows no borders propel Hillary Clinton into the White House.

About Kat Avila:
Kat voted for Hillary Clinton eight years ago, and she'll vote for her again in November.
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