Chicanos For Love – Part 3

Before either Ramona or Glenda could respond, the Tía stomped off like a prison warden

By Tommy Villalobos, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: September 19, 2016

Chicanos For Love – Part 3

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"Ouch!" repeated the lounging Felipe as he felt another slap come from behind and land on the opposite side of his head from which Ramona had landed hers.

It was the aforementioned Tía Lola.

"¿Felipe, what are you doing sentado como un loro de peluche en Vera Cruz? Get up."

Felipe shot up like a dolphin, captivating his audience akin to a preeminent dolphin at any outside aquarium as three pairs of eyes belonging to said Tía, Ramona and Glenda followed his upward flight and solid landing.

"I have to go," he said, grabbing the vacuum cleaner and heading away from them in a seamless series of rapid movements.

Being an understanding pair, Ramona and Glenda were left staring at the guardian of the Claudio Torandado castle of honor. She, with her swirled up hair, pursed bright red painted lips, looked at them as if they were two inferiorly prepared tacos.

Before either Ramona or Glenda could respond, the Tía stomped off like a prison warden who has straightened out a yard full of wicked prisoners who had complained of rotten food, damp cells and stinky mattresses.

"Come back," said Ramona wistfully, hoping to reset the scene and find out how to get involved with Claudio.

"Does that pepino look like his bro Claudio?" said Glenda.

Ramona looked at Glenda as if she were speaking a dead language, having become dead due to the people having spoken it being dumb as all get out.

"No, silly, would I make all this effort for someone that looked like Felipe?"

"You've made lots of efforts for guys who looked like El Cucuy," reasoned Glenda.

"Well, now I have found the man that makes all the others seem like sorry memories."

"I thought at this point it was we who found the man that makes all that."

"Okay, we found him and we will take him down. Girls who work together get what one of them wants."

Glenda thought about this briefly and could find no reason to disagree with the pronouncement so she remained silent.

They left the establishment owned by Claudio Torandado and spent the next few days talking about him and the likelihood one of them would hog tie him and drag him before their favorite priest. Ramona lived with a sister who was attending college and Glenda lived with her parents who encouraged her to go to college like their neighbor's daughter, Lupita.

"Someday, Lupita is going to make big money," said Glenda's mother, Irma Surjete, while they swung back and forth on a swing in the backyard one warm evening.

"And I'm not, which is fine with me," said Glenda.

"Well, then you have to find a responsible hombre," said her father, Leo Surjete, who sat between them, a very dark brown arm around each. "And nowadays, that's like asking for a straight answer from a politician or a reasonable estimate from a mechanic."

"Of course it is, apá, but I'm not worried about finding a man. In fact, I think I found one."

"Where?" said her mother.

"How?" said her father.

To be continued…

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