News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes and music news for the big kids in The Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: November 1, 2016

News from the Brown Side of Town

¡Orale,Mi Gente! Less than 2 months before Christmas and the end of 2016!

It's been awhile since I've dropped few lines here, but that doesn't mean things ain't happening in The Land of 1000 Dances.

My sense of control of my vitriol during this current political election climate has been limited to brief Facebook comments and sharing, as I continue to be surprised and disappointed at many of my fellow American citizens who, despite having some suspected education of history and at least some rudimentary grasp of the concept of equality, respect, and human rights, still insist on believing that positive change will only come about by sinking the American ship we're all in, in this current sea of madness called society and civilization...without considering or worrying about other's ability to swim & survive, if you know what I mean.

I just hope and pray that the good people ALL vote, and leave the others to continue to enjoy freedom & democracy with us, while continuing to wallow in their self appointed attitude of dispair and discontent amongst themselves when there's continued limits on how much one group can shit on another and call it "Great again" ... and THAT's all I care to write about in this matter....

OK...enough of THAT...let's get on with the music!

We regret to inform that the Chicano Music World has lost another pioneer with the recent passing of original THEE MIDNITERS guitarist George Dominguez of East L.A.
~ rest well, Brother! Thanks for the music & the memories!

Our condolences& well wishes to George's familia.

These past 2 months have been "da bomb" as far as music happenings, with people getting out and enjoying the extended sunshine of Summer 2016 leading into the fall & winter.


On September 11th, in remembrance of the 9/11 American tragedy and America's comeback from adversity, the PACHUCO CAR CLUB de Ventura County put on an excellent Car Show & Concert in Oxnard featuring The PERSUASIAN Band, ROCKY PADILLA, Freddy Fender Jr., the CENTURIES Band, 6 different blasting DJ's, with the gorgeous Wardrobe Divas putting on a 1940's style fashion show, with me having MC Duties, and Car Clubs from all over California showing their stuff in honor of American Military Veterans past and present. A big THANK YOU to Babo Martinez and the good Gente of the Ventura County chapter of the PACHUCO CAR CLUB. Another GOOD one in the books!

On September 24th, it was up the road to the fair city of Fresno, where Rick Garcia and the Aztlan Expressions Art Gallery hosted the 8th Annual Latino Art & Wine Festival at the Nonini Winery. Some of finest California wine, delicious hot food, and original Art by some of the West Coast's top Latino artists was there for the enjoyment of a large happy crowd, with myself as MC and DJ along with Fresno's popular BLUES AVENUE Band laying down the sounds as the Gente partied and danced until the midnight hour....see you all next year in Fresno!

October 8th it was back up the road from L.A. to the partyland near the sea, Carpinteria,California, for the Annual Avocado Festival, billed as "California's largest FREE Music Festival". With well over 10,000 people a day packing in the town on all 3 days of the 7th, 8th, and 9th, there was food & music all over the place and lots of live music on 3 stages. I was lucky to catch some memorable performances by The NEW VIBE Band, The GROOVELINE Band, The MESTIZO Band, the HEART & SOUL Band, and The HOUSE ARREST Band, and that was just on the 8Th!....see you all next year, Carpinteria!

Later on that night, we traveled back to the City of Angels where we joined a good sized & well-dressed crowd at the opening of NEW YORK PLACE L.A.Restaurant in the center of town in Vernon at the invitation of Chuy & Carmen Castillo, on the corner of 25th St and Soto St.,where the incomparable GILBERT STOKES put on a great show.
Dinner, drinks, dancing, and merrymaking took us into the midnight hour and a great time. Check them out on Facebook. Some great shows coming up featuring The IMPULSE Band, Gilbert Stokes, Hank Castro & The Latin All Stars,The SHADES of L.A. Band, The HARBOR GROOVE band, and The L.A.BLUE Band. Word has it, the food's so good, Denny's is jealous!
For more info, call (310) 800-7240.

The next day, October 9th, we took the high road to the Inland Empire, where promoter Deborah Perez and The Inland Empire's ORIGINALS Car Club put on a great Cancer Awareness Car Show and Concert fundraiser featuring LULU CARDONA and The HARBOR GROOVE Band, and The B.B. Wolf Band with special guest GILBERT STOKES. I was honored to serve as MC & DJ, and we all partied and danced under the sun for a good cause, raising money to help families who have been affected by the curse of cancer. A BIG thank you to Dino's Burgers for their support!

THANKS for doing right for others, DEBORAH PEREZ! See you at the next one!

October 15th, it was back on the road to the Inland Empire, this time to the fair city of Ontario, where Charlie Perez's ROUND 2 ENTERTAINMENT put on the Angel Baby's Dedicated to you Oldies Concert, hosted by KUCR FM' Radio's Angel baby. Featuring live performances by CANNIBAL & The HEADHUNTERS, The YOUNGHEARTS, LiL' WILLIE G, STEVE SALAS, HOWARD SCOTT, BRENTON WOOD, and RALPH NIRVUS.

All the performers were "hot stuff when struttin' & showin' their stuff" during the sold out show, with Steve Salas, Charlie Munoz, Bobby Navarrette, Tex Nakamura, and the Headhunters joining former WAR singing star Howard Scott on stage for a jammin' medley of favorite Old School tunes that had the audience dancing and singing along in one of those memorable moments that will be talked about for awhile! Brenton Wood closed the show in style.

Big thanks to Charlie Perez and his "Charlie's Angels" of ROUND 2 ENTERTAINMENT for another great show.

"This is one of the biggest and better Oldies show we've done out here in the Inland Empire in a long time" MC Angel Baby Rodriguez proudly said afterwards, "...and you can be sure we got more coming!".

¡¡Orale, Angel! "¡¡SIMON!!"

October 22nd saw the SATISFACTION Band returning to the San Fernando Valley with a fine performance in support of the Youth Football team San Fernando Valley Warriors at the Northridge Woman's Club. Besides featuring some outstanding lead vocals from Robert Benavides and Rita Melendrez, lucky attendees were pleasantly surprised when vocalists Lulu Cardona, Lava Gonzalez and Monibee Henley came on stage for surprise guest appearances,and the party was on! The SATISFACTION Band remains one of my favorites!

Don't me wrong, my friends. Of course the other great bands of the Land of 1000 Dances continue to rock the town solid, these are just the ones I was lucky enough to be involved with and see live these past 2 months.(can't be everywhere!)

My continued love & respects to BALANCE, COLD DUCK, ACE, SMOOTH RESPONSE, L.A. BLUE, The IMPULSE Band, SOTO,The LATIN SOUL DANCE Band, LRS, DW3, TIERRA, The COMPANY Band, HIP STREET, THEE MIDNITERS, The MAD LATINS, TEASE, ORIGINAL SACRIFICE, The BROTHERHOOD, Ray Carrion's LATIN LEGEND ALL STARS, JUMPIN' JACK BENNY, EUROPA, SUAVE, The POWERHOUSE Band, SANGRIA, The HARBOR GROOVE Band, The AIDELIDE Band, The ROCKY PADILLA Band, and the few others that continue to put out the love, talent, & effort to entertain the Gente and keep the Art of live music alive while drawing crowds in The Land of 1000 Dances!

My respects as well to the DJ's who spin in between the cuts at clubs & shows, and on Internet Radio... you also make it happen!

Comedian Rudy Moreno also has some great comedy shows happening at the Icehouse in Pasadena and now at Bruce's in Santa Fe Springs. Great comedy shows are like a breath of fresh air in our current contaminated political situation...and we highly recommend you breath them in deeply. For more info on dates & times of upcoming shows, check out www.RudyMoreno.com or look Rudy up on Facebook.

I was once told by a wise old comedian: "Don't take life so seriously, it's not like your gonna make it alive or anything like that...so live and laugh while you can! ".

...so I do ! Thanks, Rudy!

Last weekend, October 30th, was the BIG one, of course, Ray Carrion's BATTLE OF THE BANDS # 4 at the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant & Night Club in Pico Rivera which was also a Halloween party for the big kids, hosted by Thee Mr. Duran with myself as House DJ.

Despite three other simultaneously happening music events in the area, we still managed to draw a good sized crowd and have a good party.

Opening up the show were the Inland Empire heavy hitters de San Bernardino BB WOLF, who got things started with some good old fashioned Rock & Roll, quickly filling the dance floor. These guys are GOOD!

Next up, Dale Villavicensio's BONGO FUNK came up and rocked the house with classic funk & hot TOP 40, representing L.A. and that "cool" sound.

Coming up next, representing the central coast city of Santa Barbara, The GROOVELINE Band featuring Pepe Marquez & Dora Sanchez put on some hot Chicano soul-funk-cumbia action that had all of us kicking up chancla. (singer Dora Sanchez also was seen kicking up chancla herself when she wasn't on stage!...you GO, girl!)

And closing the show in style was the ever popular and high energy KOOL KATZ, representing San Jose, featuring Kelly Galvan, who was as close to stylish Chicana musical perfection as I've ever seen her. Husband Art Galvan was also on his J-O-B, strummin his hot ass guitar like he stole it!

Special props go out to keyboardist Ray Cordova, who played and sang with both The GROOVELINE and KOOL KATZ Bands flawlessly...brutha got soul to spare!!

This Saturday, November 5th finds us heading north to San Jose for the KOOL KATZ's 20th Anniversary Reunion Concert, celebrating 20 years of bringing Chicano Rock & Roll, Latin Soul & hot dance Funk to the West Coast Gente in style. Tony Sandoval of San Jose's 98.1 "The Breeze" FM radio will be your Host/MC, I will be honored to represent L.A. as House DJ, and the KOOL KATZ will be performing live to the favorite hometown crowd, bringing back talented former members of the KOOL KATZ that "still got it ", showing the Gente what's up!

Show starts at 8pm at The Drying Shed Club in San Jose.
For tickets & info: (408)849-1180 or (408)-464-1725. See y'all there!

Sunday November 6th, back in the Land of 1000 Dances, Peter Jaramillo's Musician's Jam #17 will be happening at the Whittier Radisson Hotel starting at 2PM till 8PM. Free admission, free parking, open to ALL musicians! For info & directions: (562)945-8511.

The following Sunday, November 13th,The Whittier Raddison Hotel will present Sounds of Soul Radio Show, with live performances by SANGRIA, SUAVE, and The POWERHOUSE Bands. Admission is just $10.00. For info & reservations: (562) 945-8511.

The following Sunday,November 20th, Ray Carrion brings back his famed LATIN ALL STAR SHOW to the A MI HACIENDA Restaurant & night club in Pico Rivera with a blockbuster pre-Thanksgiving celebration show featuring: STEVE SALAS, ROCKY PADILLA, HANK CASTRO, TEX NAKAMURA, WALFREDO REYES Jr, LULU CARDONA, GILBERTO TORRES, FRANCESCA CAPASSO, GILBERT STOKES,MONIBEE HENLEY, TeCHEETAH LOPEZ, MATT LEGASPI, ANDY ROJO, CORY SILVA, RAY CARRION, and other special guests making up one of the finest backing bands on the West Coast. Hosted by Thee Mr. Duran, and I will be your House DJ for one of the last great party-dances of 2016, sure to be another great memory & good time!. Tickets on sale now at: 323-895-2863 & 323-807-8054.

The following weekend, Saturday, November 26th, I will honored to Host/MC Classic Kustom Bomb's Magazine's Harbor Area OLD SCHOOL DINNER & DANCE featuring live on stage: The TOPICS Band, along with The LOW KEY Band, at the Dalmation American Club in San Pedro, 6 pm till Midnight...gonna be a killer show by the sea ! For tickets & info:310-850-4991.

See you all there!

On a sad note, we regret to inform that the Queen of the Inland Empire, Lady Monibee Henley and her crew, will be leaving Las Conchita's Restaurant in San Bernardino after a VERY successful run of music shows, good food, and good times due to a management/ownership change. Monibee will continue performing with the ORIGINAL SACRIFICE Band and as a solo guest artist throughout the Land of 1000 Dances....girl got class & soul, and we wish her only the best, and many thanks for the memories & good times at Las Conchita's.

December is still lining up, but for New Year's Eve, I invite you to join us at one of the hottest New Year's Eve celebration in L.A. at the Guesthouse Hotel/ IV Lounge in Norwalk. I will be one of the House DJ's & MC's along with DJ Vince of Norwalk Records as we say goodbye to 2016 and welcome 2017 with the hot & heavy sounds of BALANCE, and THEE MAD LATINS, guaranteed to get you & keep you dancing!

Guest package includes dinner, access to 2 dance-party rooms, hotel room, and full breakfast in the morning, including fresh, hot menudo!! Ooooh! I'm so ready for THIS ONE!!

Old School Funk, R&B, Soul, and them sweet Oldies but Goodies that will have you falling in love all over again and making them memories in The Land of 1000 Dances!
~>call 562-868-0991 and get your tickets today !

Whew! ...and that's only from my cruise thru the streets & avenues of Aztlan!

We wish you all a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving & Holiday Season, give a WHOLE LOT OF THANKS to our brave men & women currently serving in uniform around the globe , and remind you to VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8th!!

See You at the next party, next month here on LatinoLA (if not sooner), and wishing you a whole lot of love, respect, and well wishes !

¡Ay te watcho....from the Land of 1000 Dances!

About Frankie Firme, Contributing Editor:
FrankieFirme is the Al Capone of the Microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily on Internet Radio Station www.eastLArevue.com and is a regular contributor to this fine web magazine since 2001
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