Iron Moon: A Poet's View

Film documents the impact of globalization on Chinese workers

By Claudia Cruz
Published on LatinoLA: November 13, 2016

Iron Moon: A Poet's View

"Iron Moon" is a 110 minute film that documents the impact of globalization on Chinese workers. Five workers are followed throughout the film. These workers use poetry to describe the pressures of long working hours, providing for their families, unpaid wages, and high levels of stress.

The film echoes 'without money you have no power.' It is through poetry that these workers rediscover their humanity and dream of a different world. One in particular expresses how his youth is spent in a factory making Iphones and goods that will be instantly shipped to the west. He feels lost and trapped that he has no other purpose than to slave away.

Another poet describes what it is like to work deep below in the coal mines. Dusty black face, he recites his poetry to his fellow workers as they travel down the mine shaft, where all light is drowned out. It is an abysmal scene that brings chills to my skin.

A young Chinese female worker describes how she has no time to wear a dress except when everyone at the living facility of the factory is sleeping and for a brief moment she is able to enjoy a twirl with her dress and see her reflection outside the working uniform.

The film brings the audience into the reality of the gruesome working conditions lived by Chinese workers. It is a documentary that amplifies the dehumanizing conditions that comes with globalization.

"Iron Moon" is currently playing at Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena, Ca. For more information: www.laemmle.com

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