Russian Roulette: Betos' Aviso Diez

You believe that you are so patriotic but Trumpa could care less about your uninformed Patriotic mind

By Roberto Tijerina / EL Beto-Man from KUCR 88.3FM
Published on LatinoLA: February 3, 2017

Russian Roulette: Betos' Aviso Diez

Does your heart feel giddy, are you happy, is your belly satisfied about the Muslim Ban? If you are then we must ask a fundamental question which is why. This green card holder could have been your grandmother at the airport, your primo at the border, and your mail order bride from Russia but since it is not us directly affected then there is no indignation within our soul.

Somehow you think that you are immune to the discrimination but what we are actually doing is playing Russian Roulette and round-&-round she goes and where she stops nobody knows. What we do not realize is that You-&-Me are also in those cross hairs of that revolver. I hear you laughing while you think it is the funniest thing that you have ever seen as green card holders are stopped while they have been already green flagged just because Trumpa feels like discriminating someone for show that the Teflon Don with the Power is on the Job.

You believe that you are so patriotic but Trumpa could care less about your uninformed Patriotic mind and as he stated that he "loves the uneducated" because they have no systematic thinking process to question his actions (conservative ideals), follow up (Institutional Racism), and demand answers (not alternative facts).

The patriotic mind has been conditioned as a good soldier to follow orders (your duty is not to question why but to do or die) and to respond only with a two-way toggle switch of positive-&-negative response leaving no room for contemplation, meditation, & reflection after one is discharged from the Military.

Does your heart feel joy when Trumpa bullies other Nations while that bullet reaches the chamber to threaten them with an assault but misses you for the moment, will you glorify the Orange Nuclear Bomb Saber-Rattling War when another Nation calls out the bully, and are you ready to sacrifice your Child for the loose mouth of an aggrandizement millionaire?

This is the same thing that Hitler did in Germany because he went after the first group and the German people all applauded, cheered, and smiled with praise. Then Adolf went after the second group and their hearts were giddy, thrilled with satisfaction, and filled with relief because they were not going to allow any Nation to bully them around.

The German Fuhrer then went after the third group stripping people of their possessions, made money hand over fist bringing back economic Industry prosperity as Death camps, and greased the machine of war with the blood of humanity to get out of the Recession of the Great War.

Does this remind you of that Boy Scout patriotic song of Ten Little Indians (until there was no little Indians left) because they are singing about You-&-Me. You may not carry the importance of feathers in your heart anymore, speak any Native American language, and where a Regalia but you are still a damn Indian because the Black One Drop Rule still applies after centuries.

Even after you check your DNA Genealogy and it indicates that you might be more European than Native American but sporting that amazing Native American nose, teardrop duct, and black jet hair in which the Gringo still will never consider you Anglo as much as you click your heels Dorothy, because despite if you found out about your DNA lineage it was our Indian mother that raised you while the White Rapist did not want anything to do with the spitting picture of his crime.

It is only a matter of time before that bullet reaches that chamber with the gun faced at your temple and then you feel like an American Patriot of "Mex-Eek-Can" descent compelled to join the protest but it is not until our life, family, and possession are put on notice of eminate domain that we start to wake-up that the Gringo is moving against all of us as a group.

I hear you praising God for the Donald, but God did not have anything to do with a Silver Spooned Orange Orangutan that continuously keeps shoving his entire foot in his mouth with his Five Toes of Arrogance: Brother Ego (brag heart), Sobrino Pride (Building Phallic Symbol), Vanity Sister (buys mail order bride), Jealousy Suegra (mocks everyone), & Daddy's Patriarch Power (Dictator complex). God does not deal with human Political affairs because that is something of Man's own Christian making and man's own Christian Mutual Assured destruction (MAD).

Tijerina could care less for Christians, Jews, & Muslims because religious fanatics despise each other with hatred but real love only comes from Children of God. The Four Mousketeers: Thirst Bipower (hear no-evil Christians), Intoxication Bipower (see no-evil Jews), Invulnerability Bipower (speak no-evil Muslims), & Osmosis Bipower (touch no-evil Atheist) monkeys all are going straight to hell but they will all arrive at their own pace.

The Christians will be lead to a hell bound down going escalator (like the Donald), the Jew will be escorted to the Purgatory waiting room by an Angel, the Muslim will ride that magical Carpet into fire with brimstone expecting seventy-five virgins while that cherry on his buttocks will be the only one popped, and the Atheist will discover a revelation that there was a heaven-&-hell without any recourse with that one-way ticket to ride to that burning inferno.

Does your heart feel satisfied when the silver spooned Trumpa gets away with bullying others because if your heart feels great then that is the embrace of hatred? We get caught up on a runaway train very easily just watching the daily reports of the lies, havoc, and chaos that the Orange Dawn is perpetrating by pitting everyone against anyone while no one keeps an eye on the slight of the hand. If President (Press Eye Dent) Trumpa prematurely knows how a decision will affect the Stock market could he not get his cronies to bet on that Stock market and make a bundle while no one is the wiser?

Tijerina will not allow the treasure of the heart to be raptured with hate, evil, and destruction because the Orange Mushroom Plume Phallic Symbol is making the Presidency to a televised Telenovela, reality show, and apprentice amateur press "I" dent of the head due to that hair dew.

You believe that because you are patriotic that Trumpa will agree with you but the obvious Japanese Internment Camps prove otherwise. Americans of Japanese ancestry were as patriotic as You-&-Me but we allowed the propaganda machine to take hold of our hatred due to Pearl Harbor in which our government knows exactly how to play with our heartstrings, emotions, and passions.

The Quacking Duck needs to create unrest, havoc, and chaos on the streets in order to tempt the crazies to commit a terrorist act providing the excuse to call Marshal Law overriding the Constitution, congress, and the military, like Hitler. You think that the Trumpa will change things for the better to benefit your pocket book but that silver tongue liar will only benefit his own interest without blinking twice about your problems.

You have high hopes that industry will return but the Industrial Revolution died in the 1980s with the invention of the Computer Technology Revolution and no CEO had the courtesy, respect, and dignity to inform you that Industry was on its last leg needing other foreign lands to pollute, poison, and contaminate for years to come due to the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

If you were convicted of a crime and were standing in front of your twelve so called "peers" but none of them are "Brown" would they have compassion upon your poverty? Those twelve White jurors are not your "peers" because they will never understand your heritage, culture, & language providing real justice but have already prejudged your brown complexion on that stereotypical negative narrative sending you to prison for a longer period of time than they would with that same crime to a White person.

This same example applies to Trumpa's Fourth Reich Executive Cabinet of all White Executors who could care less about your brown problems just because you call yourself an American Patriot.

These Executors do not see any Raza as Americans because they are not quite right of that White Inheritors Imperialistic Empire. Why do you believe that you are more patriotic than me because it is the root of the question? If You-&-Me were to both travel within the same car, would we not disagree to who gets to drive, road of execution, and relief points, but we are both licensed to drive American Patriots.

The odd thinking is that you believe that White people have accepted you into that First-Class Equity citizenship but you are truly misled down that heartless path because they only see you as a second-class citizen without worthiness of a European breeding stock, White pedigree, and mental superiority. As much as Tijerina stands on the mountain top screaming my lungs out with warnings, alarms, and bells nothing will get you to change your mind until they come for your Green Card-bearing wife, your protesting niece, and your outrageous gay cousin. And even then, you will probably mock your niece because she deserves what she gets and your cousin because he is hanging with the wrong crowd but your wife is detained in which that is the only thing that might stir the bottom of your belly that something is wrong, in which once again you will stumble with justification that if she did nothing wrong they will release her without getting upset with the idea of just detaining her was a Racist act.

You think your right in your glowing White complexion but that does not mean anything because the Conquistadores are Anglo and they brutally raped your indigenous Indian Looking Grandmother. You believe that you're White because you no longer speak a Native American language, retain a Spanish tongue, but your Spanish surname is still pronounced "Pendejo" according to the White man. You imagine yourself right, white, and bright because you put on Blue contacts, dye your hair blonde, use correct English diction but your Chola Accent sneaks up on you giving you away with that hard "Ch" or soft "Sh" sound fooling nobody except the person in the mirror.

Our so-called President stands there mocking a congressman for shedding a tear and somehow you think that that is okay but what will you say when your morn, someone you love, and protesters do not have the dignity to respect the funeral service because our President is providing a green flag for everyone to mock us.

Keep your eye on the pebble as the snake oil salesmen Press-I-dented hand goes round-&-round spinning his weave with those three shells because the alternative facts, misinformation, and unverifiable claims news is not what they present for the topic of the day. The true news is that our Pres-Eye-detergent is trying to destroy the news, calling it fake news, creating his reality show theatrics, crazy conspiracies, and outrageous lies telecast for those supporters that only see his bubble Universe truth spin in half truths.

The name Satan is defined as liar in which truth does not hide behind lies in order to get its way but somehow you call yourself a Christian allowing the Orange Hairball to get away with it because he is going to make your life better. If our Predator-&-Chief lies about everything he constructs, then what in God's name is the truth within all of that smoke-&-mirrors? You voted for the misogynist, you elected the disabled mocker as your leader, and there will be a price to pay for anointing a bully because what goes around comes around.

Reckless decisions by our Pussy Grabber-&-Chief will take us back to Germany who had a great ten years (1935-1945) but had to endure forty-five years to recuperate (1945-1990) for the sins of their father's Fascism: Adolf Hitler, fascist Nazi, Third Reich, & Swastika. We all desperately wanted someone to come in and shake up the system, drain the swamp, and make things better but Ego driven Donald douche bag was not the answer because he is the apocalypse to the extent of preparing the way to doomsday. Turn on the TV and watch the madness perpetrated around the world by this new Fourth Reich governmental administration which will only bring war to our doorstep with Destabilizing Governance Crises: disorganization, incompetence, and Chaos.

We all stand there applauding the Superman Complex (White man comes to save the day), the John Wayne Cowboy mentality (the only good Indian is a dead Indian), the Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood Hang those Mexican Bad Hombres all high (kill them all & let God sort it out) ideology because we have been conditioned to believe the movies.

Who do you think are portrayed as the negative stereotype Indian/Mexican if it is not You-&-Me brown skin with that big Nopal on that Aztec Face? This is that Monkey See/Monkey Do Paradigm that Ronald "Clown" Reagan making America Great Again while the Rich got richer and the poor get poorer with that Trickle Down Economic deficiency theory.

Do not be fooled because this was a literal Coup d' etat (Cu De Ta) by the Corporations that have taken Washington like Nazi Stormtroopers controlling the Executive Branch, controlling the Legislative branch through Corporation Lobbyist, and the only ones that will be left standing is the Judicial branch of that Supreme Court which the Orange Ducky plans to overthrow with Christian Southern Confederate Gray Coat Officials.

Trumpa has literally nullified the Environmental Protection Agency but ask the damn question, why? Let us remove the smoke-&-mirror which is in order to bring back the Corporations from foreign lands the Republicans need to deregulate (sleight of the hand) poisoning our own environment making our lives better in the moment but ruining it for our Children as they come down with Cancer in impoverished communities.

Let us remove the smoke-&-mirror because we love the idea of pipes being made in America for the benefit of the Oil companies but when the day that our water becomes contaminated who will clean up the mess: Donald "Screw You" Trump, the corporations, or the hard-working taxpayers?

The Corporations have wined, dined, and slept with the Christian Purple Harlot of cheap industry, disposable products, and environmental poisoning in which you believe that somehow their going to straighten out their behavior if the only ones slapping them on the Wrist for a million bucks was the EPA while the CEOs make a killing with a billion. Jobs will return but they will be mechanized, leaving you in the dust eating asphalt.

You still cannot figure out what side you are on because your preservation instinct is on full throttle, but this is the same thing that the Assimilation Native American Apache Scouts believed when they got their own cousin Nationalistic-&-Spiritual Leader Geronimo to turn himself into the American Blue Coats.

After arresting Geronimo, the Amerikkkan government turned around and arrested the Indian American Apache Scouts, taking them all to the State of Florida to live out their lives in a Concentration Camp and die of malnutrition, flea infested diseases, weather conditions, treachery of betrayal, and Arizona loneliness.

As the Bullet turns within the Revolver's Chamber that marks the hair trigger who will be next on our own homegrown Amerikkkan Fuhrer & Fourth Reich hit list if it is not You-&-Me!

Roberto Tijerina-Cantu © 2/3/17, 4:28am

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