Between the Blinds

I sneak a lingering glance of you in lost elastic memories…

By Ricardo Reyes
Published on LatinoLA: February 7, 2017

Between the Blinds

I see a glimpse of you in hidden moments between the blinds built into my life as it is today.

I sneak a lingering glance of you in lost elastic memories…

Of the kisses we twisted and wrestled from each other as we hid in the frontseat of my truck as people walked by.

I remember the chalky taste of your lipstick, the peppery smell of your face makeup and I recall gently stroking the hair off your face as the wind dragged crackling leaves across the ground.

I steal a memory from our past when we stayed in our university club office after everyone left. We caressed the moments one by one, tasted them like maple syrup on our lips. How we laughed in fleshy whispers as we rushed out the back, while others knocked and asked, "Who locked the door?"

I tiptoe into the sands of our times, like the blue-black starblown night when we stole behind the security guards at the beach behind LAX.

We kissed to the sound of undulating surf and the smell of the dry popping charcoal of our fire.

I remember how we covered and uncovered from the gigantic headlights which pored over our bodies, jet after moaning jumbo jet slowly inching over us.

I stand here watching you, watching us, across so many other moments. I crane my neck over other lifetimes, other eternities, each one like deserts with finger-thin, windblown trees and realize now that these lush, jungle-islands of life are the truest gifts because few good things last…as my gaze turns down to my scratched and tired shoes.

I steal away from my everyday, to find the tiniest glimpse of a life away, from my life as it is today.

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