Streets of Blood 3

Senseless violence and stupid machismo

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: November 3, 2017

Streets of Blood 3

Sirens wail, as two young Chicano's

lay still upon the cold hard pavement.

"Did anyone see who shot them?"

Asked a policeman of the slowly

gathering crowd.

But nobody knew or saw anything.

Many parents were silently thankful

It wasn't there kids. The sound of

blood gurgling came from one of the

young men.

"Help him," screamed a woman who

stood nearby as the paramedics arrived

and worked hard to stabilize them.

Working feverishly they loaded them

upon the ambulance.

Outside the ambulance friends,

and relatives gathered, and a little

girl was holding her teddy bear, as she

took in the scene while her mother

and sisters cried tears of desperation.

The police asked the one who was

conscious what had happened and

were met with the usual silence of

barrio streets machismo.

The little girl holding the teddy bear

Asked, "What happened to daddy?"

as the ambulance rolled away lights

still flashing they pull into the hospital.

Days later, flowers are laid upon the

grave of one of the young men, as

prayers are said over another life

wasted over senseless violence

and stupid machismo.

Now besides a lonely grave, a little

girl clutches the teddy bear her father

had just given her. It was to become

her only memory.

Senseless violence and machismo

does not rep La Raza. It only destroys

the hopes and dreams of those we

love the most!

Copyright 2017 Frank Solis

All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
The author hopes to inspire Mexican American youth to seek a higher education and to avoid the pitfalls and traps of the big city streets.
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