Create Your Own Love Stories w/Laurel House's Dating Tips

Stop blaming L.A. for your singleness. This is a great city to not just date, but finding love, especially for the holidays

By LatinoLA Contributor
Published on LatinoLA: December 3, 2017

Create Your Own Love Stories w/Laurel House's Dating Tips

Become Interesting and Interested to Generate Interest

When out on a date, show how interesting you are. More than being interesting to them, show them that you're interested in them. Have an opinion, share your perspective, talk about your experiences and passions, then ask about them and their passions. If you don't find yourself to be particularly interesting, then find a hobby, pursue a side job, volunteer in a nonprofit or simply try a few activities that inspire and impassion you.

Authentic is the New Attitude

Drop the "cool" attitude. Instead, confidently, vulnerably, and unapologetically own and be your interesting, dynamic, intellectual, quirky, outdoorsy, or geeky self. Embrace, and even indulge, in your expansive interests and your little-known secret sides, and you will find someone who shares them, or is at least intrigued. Because you attract in what you act out, start to model what you want mirrored back. So if you want something and someone real, then get real and be real.

Break Up with Your Type!

When it comes to your "type," do you think: "I want to date a… (insert occupation here)," or is your attraction more looks-based than personality-driven? You might date for a little while until you realize that you aren't actually a fit or maybe it gets boring, fizzles out, and eventually it ends. Clearly something isn't working, so let's change that…by changing your type. Take for example milk. It has been dating cookie for way too long now. But milk is looking to find a more interesting relationship, one that allows it to shine and simultaneously helps to highlight and balance its partner. So milk started testing out other types and found that it paired perfectly with pizza, steak and potatoes, and spicy Thai and Indian food. Just like milk, it's time for you to start branching out too.

Flawed is the New Fabulous

Do you know what makes you really lovable? You. The truth of who you are, where you came from, the experiences, mistakes, and midcourse corrections that brought you to where you are right now. So confidently vulnerably drop your protective walls that keep you safe and keep others out, and start to show your true colors. You are imperfect and perfectly you.

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