Little Tony and the Gift of Knowledge

Education, the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: December 3, 2017

Little Tony and the Gift of Knowledge

Little Tony watched sadly as a grown

man dug through a garbage can. The

man eventually found a half empty

soda and started drinking it.

Down the street a young Chicano

Couple eyes wide from drugs sat

huddled together whispering and

scheming, as Tony walked by deep

in thought.

He had watched his mom rubbing her

aching feet each night from her job at

the motel. He knew he wanted to help

her and make this a good Christmas

but he didn't know how.

As he passed by a store he ran into one

of the school counselors. "Tony, how

are you," asked Paul. "I'm okay, I guess

just trying to figure out what career to

choose when I graduate."

"Hey, I can help you with that. Just

come by my office anytime and we can

go over all the career choices you can

make.""Cool, said Tony, and thanks

Paul for letting me know."

First thing Monday, Tony dropped by

Paul's office, "Hi Tony, great to see you,

the first thing we have to determine is

where your interests and talents lie.

For that, we shall have you take some

career assessment tests."

Tony, took the tests and waited until

Paul came back with the results. "Well

Tony, it looks like you have a strong

aptitude for all things mechanical. ,

have you ever thought about being

an engineer or maybe an auto


"Yea," replied Tony, "I love lowriders

and classic cars." "Tony, the college

down the street has a great automotive

program, I am going to send you there

to meet with the program director,


Tony couldn't believe it, here he was

so close to Christmas and hopefully

soon he might have some good news

for his mom. A few days later after

meeting with the schools automotive

director he was told he could enroll

there as soon as he finished up his

senior year.

Later that day when he got home his

mom was already home. "Tony, is that

you mijo?" "Yes mom and I have some

news for you." Oh no, don't' tell me

you got the grocers daughter pregnant?"

No, mom it's nothing like that."

"I applied to the automotive program

at the college and got accepted." "Oh,

mijo, that's wonderful!" replied his mom.

"It's only a two year program and after

that I'll have a real great job. Then

maybe someday I can even open up

our own auto repair shop and you

won't have to work anymore.

Tony's mom, was weeping now.

"Tony, you don't know how many

nights I've stayed up worried about

you, but now I don't have to worry

anymore. Now, mijo the only thing

I have to worry about is how to keep

that cute cachetona at the grocery

store from trapping you!"

They both laughed, and hugged each

other. "You know mom, the

knowledge that I have gained in

school has been the best Christmas

gift of all and I owe it all to you and

to a little baby born in Bethlehem.

Note: Knowledge is power, and it

comes only through learning and

education.Education, takes many

forms from books to on the job

training to trade schools and also

colleges and universities.

Merry Christmas 2017 to all!

Copyright 2017 Frank Solis
All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
The author seeks to inspire Mexican American youth to embrace education in all its forms.
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