A Raza Style New Year's Celebration!

Red mini skirts and booze don't go together

By Frank Solis
Published on LatinoLA: December 3, 2017

A Raza Style New Year's Celebration!

It started off like any other New Year's

celebration. The new band Los Rocking

Jalapeños were jamming down and all of

la gente was arriving. It was now about

9: PM and most of the Raza were having


Suddenly, there was a hint of danger.

At the door appeared the Tomates along

with their Tomatonas: [i]"Alalva, ya llegaron

los locos y locas,"[/i] yelled el Cilantro. The

Tomates were all decked out in style and

their Tomatas were all wearing red

miniskirts along with sexy lace pantyhose,

and cute little chuco hats.

Then the Papas and their Cachetonas

arrived with the guys wearing their Zoot

Suits and the Cachetonas wearing very

revealing black outfits. The Pepinos

who were working security that night

went to speak with the big Papa. "Listen

Ese, we don't want no trouble around

here is that understood?"

The Big papa just stared at them and

smiled. The Papa gangstas were all about

knocking down shots of agave juice and

flirting with the red hot Tomatonas who

loved shaking their miniskirts. This made

the Cachetonas furious and that's when

all the trouble began.

All hell broke loose as the frijoles who

were dead drunk began fighting with

the Papa gangstas. "Oh well, so much for

a peaceful, joyful New Year's celebration,"

said a Pepino to his partner.

Outside the dancehall two Tomatonas

we're adjusting their pantyhose as the

Pepinos lamented all the trouble at the

dance that night. "Boys, will be boys,"

replied one of the Tomatonas as they

boarded a cab for the hottest nightclub,

they could find. " And a Happy New Year

To You," yelled the girls as the cab sped


Moral of the story:

Red Mini Skirts and Booze don't go together!

Frank Solis Copyright 2017

All Rights Reserved

About Frank Solis:
The author seeks to inspire Mexican American youth to seek a higher education.
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