A Graceful Role

Patricia Rae renders a groundbreaking performance in her co-starring role as Carla in Maria Full of Grace

Published on LatinoLA: September 15, 2004

A Graceful Role

Awarded at the 2004 Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival for "Best Actress" and "Best Director", and shown at the LA Film Festival (Winner of the "Audience Award"), "Maria Full Of Grace" is the Fine Line Feature/HBOFilms, independent Motion Picture which opened the weekend of July 16th in seven theatres grossing an amazing $125,000.00 and landing at the 30th spot in wide releases. The movie is creating more than a buzz within the industry, not only for its compelling storyline but most of all for the caliber of the cast?s acting performances.

Actress Patricia Rae renders a groundbreaking performance in her co-starring role as "Carla", the symbol of hope and empowerment for our main character Maria. Patricia?s acting performance is pulsating, riveting and a true revelation on the big screen. Her rendition of Carla is flawlessly so humane that it allows for the perfect interaction between her and the lead character. She was dubbed "one of the film's choicest roles" by the LA Times, and received equally impressive reviews by the NY Times which called the movie "arguably the year's finest film", Hoy Magazine, Spanix.com, Estylo Magazine, Latin Heat Magazine and the OC Register.

"Maria Full of Grace" is the gripping story of a desperate 17 year-old Colombian girl, Maria, who travels as a mule smuggling pellets of heroine in her stomach, a risky offer she accepts, in hopes to escape her country for the better life of the American dream. Patricia Rae plays "Carla?, the pregnant New York based sister of Maria?s friend who dies of an overdose upon arriving in the US. Being the only contact Maria has in America, Carla welcomes the young woman into her home and shows her the possibilities of a new life in the States. An inherently intense tale, "Maria Full of Grace" is indeed a compelling portrait of the desperation of poverty but it is also a story of humanity.

"Getting to be in 'Maria Full of Grace' is a personal career achievement" says Rae who received a personal thumbs-up from veteran actress Faye Dunaway after she viewed the movie at the 2004 Sundance Film festival.

Already dubbed the "Latin Diane Lane", Patricia is one of the most "real" actresses of our generation, representing what women actually look like when they work, have kids, get stressed out and balance heartache with happiness.

With "Maria Full of Grace", this native New Yorker of Colombian descent is finally seeing a peak in her career with her breakthrough performance in this critically acclaimed motion picture poised to make the bill of nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards, the Golden Globes and the Oscars.

Her sex-appeal, wit, natural flare for acting and great sense of humor are catching everybody?s attention - and rightfully so! Patricia is the sexiest and most talented Latina of our times.

Rae is also known for her starring roles in the Motion Pictures "Swimfan" and "Night Stalker". Rae?s other acting credits include numerous roles in hit TV Shows such as "Law & Order", "Alias", "Resurrection Boulevard" and "Malcolm in the Middle". She produced the critically acclaimed American adaptation of the play "Sex, Shame and Tears" recently featured at the MET Theatre in Hollywood.

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