Come for the Free Tortillas

Monica Palacios stars in Greetings from a Queer Se??orita

By Lisa Zion, Contributing Writer
Published on LatinoLA: July 16, 2008

Come for the Free Tortillas

I received a postcard "Greetings From a Queer Se??orita" and I immediately wondered which one of my friends had sent it. Then I realized that it was the name of the latest production that was written and performed by Monica Palacios.

Latina artist Monica Palacios has been performing her one-woman shows for the last 26 years. If you have ever been to one of her shows, you know you are in for a good time. Palacios has been nominated and selected by Adelante Magazine as a LGBT community leader.

If you check out her website you‘«÷ll be amazed at this gifted woman. I don‘«÷t think Monica realizes how talented she is and fortunately, Sarah Guerrero, Artistic Director of Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble does.

"Greetings from a Queer Senorita" opened July 11 and runs thru August 3 at the Breath of Fire Theater located at 310. W. 5th Street, 2nd floor in Santa Ana. While I was waiting to interview the three women, I came upon the Mission Statement of the theater. Their mission: ‘«ōTo support the work and enrich the lives of Latinas in the visual and performing arts.‘«ō Sounds like a great mission statement to me. But my question is: If you build it, will they come? After all, this theater is for the Latin community. When was the last time you turned off your television set and supported local theater?

I sat down with Sara Guerrero, Monica Palacios and Marivel Danielson. Ms. Danielson directed the show. I was struck with the passion in which these women spoke. They were so excited to share their experience thus far with the show.

I told Monica that I was surprised that her show wasn‘«÷t more gay. And I hope I didn‘«÷t offend her with that question. I do watch ‘«£The L Word‘«ō all the time and I know I‘«÷m not the only one! She said, ‘«£I didn‘«÷t want to exclude anyone, I want it to be well balanced. I will always represent the Chicana lesbian.‘«ō

She continued by saying, ‘«£Come to the show because it is educational. You‘«÷ll laugh and I will touch your Latino soul. Come for the free tortillas.‘«ō (I didn‘«÷t get any free tortillas).

She was right; I did laugh especially when she shared her coming out to the familia story. I especially like the sketch relating to the cute lesbian brides and the whole media circus that is surrounding the rights of gays to marry legally in California.

It was worth the drive to Orange County to watch Ms. Palacio in action again. I left chanting, ‘«£Queer Se??orita, we want more‘«ō. And you will too.

For more information go their website.

And tell them Lisa sent you!

About Lisa Zion, Contributing Writer:
Lisa Zion is an aspiring actor, singer and writer.

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