Hey You!

Why can't you play nice?

By Fanny Garcia
Published on LatinoLA: March 10, 2009

Hey You!

Hey you!
Yeah you!
Why can't you play nice?
What is it about me
that makes you throw
Sticks and stones and ugly words?

Hey you!
Yeah you!
Don't look away for a way out.
What makes you think I have rhinoceros skin?
Thick and battle worn,
and able to withstand your cutting words?

Hey you!
Yeah you!
Come here.
Wouldn't you say that I am a good person?
That I care, perhaps too much and to a fault?
What prompts you to imagine in me,
someone who can withstand your acerbic tongue?

Hey you!
Yeah you!
Let me tell you something.
My skin is fragile
And covered with ugly scars
Full of memory that sometimes
Puss over and writhe in pain.
And every time you throw a mean word my way,
The wound gets deeper.

Hey you!
Yeah you!
Quit being so mean.
Play nice.
You don't know how?
Well learn.
Because a kind word
Is good for the soul.
Yours and mine.

About Fanny Garcia:
Fanny Garcia is Managing Director of East LA Rep and an HIV/AIDS activist in East Los Angeles.
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