Top 10 Signs Your Chihuahua is Nuts

Warning: Don't let him/her anywhere near that Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 19, 2009

Top 10 Signs Your Chihuahua is Nuts

10. Claims to be Hispanic.

9. Howls when someone mentions that L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa was in a car club.

8. Knows how to roll over and play dead, just like your ex.

7. Was nominated to be Obama's dog but never bothered to pay taxes or get house-trained.

6. Vehemently denies having any rat and or Plaintiff Attorney bloodlines.

5. Shakes because she bought AOL/TimeWarner at $45 bucks a share, not because she is bald.

4. Brags that he bit Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo) and nothing happened to him.

3. Every time you put her in your purse, she eats your lipstick.

2. Plans to wear a red rag bandana in East Los.

1. Wants folks to know Taco Bell dog was a sell-out gringo actor.

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