TOP 10 Signs the Paleta Salesman is on Steroids

Muchas gracias, Se??or Paletero

By Al Carlos Hernandez
Published on LatinoLA: July 22, 2009

TOP 10 Signs the Paleta Salesman is on Steroids

10. Can outrun a G 55 AMG with church shoes on.

9. Takes the freeway to work with three dudes riding on the top of push cart.

8. Works downtown but has lunch in Mexico.

7. Earns as much as the Mayor's daughter.

6. Can throw a Coco over a building.

5. Whacked a pi??ata so hard it hit the space station.

4. His best customers are major league baseball players.

3. Had a huarache blow out and took him 100 yards to stop rolling.

2. He doesn't walk, he cumbias his entire route.

1. A real man does whatever he has to, to feed his family.

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