TOP Ten Ways Gringos Celebrate Day of the Dead

That's "Dia de los Muertos" to t?? y yo

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 30, 2011

TOP Ten Ways Gringos Celebrate Day of the Dead

Editor's Note: A oldie but goodie from originally published 10.21.09 on LatinoLA.com:

10. They wear tie-dyed t-shirts with Jerry Garcia's picture on it.

9. Re-write their living trusts and/or wills.

8. Build an altar to honor Volvo station wagons.

7. See Elvis.

6. Wear their father's favorite tie with a Hula Girl on it. The one that lights up.

5. Go to the cemetery and play Frisbee golf.

4. Bake tofu cookies that look like smiley faces.

3. Bomb a Third World country into the Stone Age.

2. Do that spacey arms flailing, random hopping, running in place, spastic dance.

1.Go through family photo album and accuse relatives of not hugging them enough.

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