Nothing But Love on the East Side

Studio 2425 and The Latino Artist Services group put on a tardeada to rock the Boulevard

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 19, 2010

Nothing But Love on the East Side

Sundays in L.A. are usually pretty mellow...??tu sabes?

Sleeping late, maybe a menudo breakfast, football on TV, or yard work, or kid's sports at the park or wash the car...you choose...even nothing sounds good sometimes.

...or you get up and cruise somewhere like to family gathering , maybe a bar-b-que, maybe just hanging out with friends listening to good music and having a couple of cold ones, or maybe an afternoon tardeada with good home made food in the mix...

...and if you're lucky, maybe all of the above. Sometimes in L.A....that's the way it is!

That's the way it was in the Land of 1000 Dances this past Sunday, as the Paloma Room on Whittier Boulevard in Montebello (formerly the Montebello Inn) played host to a musical celebratory tardeada hosted by Studio 2425 and The Latino Artist Services group, attended by a large group of good Gente and some great music talent.

"There's just so much talent in L.A.'s Latino community, and with all the competition in today's music world, it's harder for young, new, and even veteran musicians to get up and stay in the mix", says veteran musician/singer/songwriter Rudy Salas of TIERRA fame, "And for the past couple of years Studio 2425 and the Latino Artist Services has helped some of the upcoming artists get a chance to have their music performances recorded in a quality professional recording studio...we're now ready to expand, but unfortunately, it ain't free, and it ain't cheap."

In a show of support for this fundraiser benefit, many music artists and fans came out from all over L.A. and beyond for a family gathering -party -concert -dinner - get together- fundraiser benefit that everybody was welcome to, and a good cause was well served.

Some delicious home made bar-b-que with all the fixings was set out and available to all that came, including some homemade Chicana style potato salad made by Mrs Rudy Salas herself ! (YOU GO JoAnna ! )

Sound engineering was graciously provided by Mr Larry Salas of LRS Audio, one of L.A.'s best, and Larry was on his J-O-B today!

I was honored to serve as Master of Ceremonies, as a great show was in the works, and plenty of great Gente was in the house, as the Paloma Room swelled to capacity in a show of love & respect, despite the rainy weather.

Opening up the show was the San Fernando Valley's BAG OF TRICKS band, making their L.A. debut, and busting straight out with energy and heart pounding rhythm from the very first note.

Giving the crowd a taste of their Top 40-Latin Soul-Funk-R&B-Rock & Roll dance music arsenal, the BAG OF TRICKS made some noise and got some serious attention. They truly came out of the "bag" and pleased everyone, showing us "East Siders" what's up in the Valley!

"Wow! I'm almost embarrassed to come out after these guys!" a smiling Rudy Salas joked. "Seriously...these guys are really good!" Many of the veteran musicians in the house readily agreed, and brotherly compliments and admiration was the tone of the day.

"Coming from somebody like Rudy Salas, we couldn't get a better compliment," percussionist Pete "Pifas" Nevarez proudly said, as he smiled through his well earned dinner and drinks. He and the the band members stayed on an enjoyed the evening, joined by their ladies. Very good company, these guys!

Now, the party was on, and the mood was good, thanks to the BAG OF TRICKS !

Coming up next was the SALAS BROTHERS Band, featuring the dynamic duo of Rudy & Steve Salas, backed up by a combination all star band that included members of TIERRA, EL CHICANO, THE HEAT, and THE WISEGUYS.

Besides singing some of the all time TIERRA favorites, including their signature song "Together" which had everybody singing along, the WISEGUYS members then gave up a killer rockabilly version of "Jump, jive, and harmonize " that brought them a standing ovation, and "Wows!" from the crowd.

Then, in a nostalgic moment , and in response to crowd request/popular demand, EL CHICANO guitarist-singer Jerry Salas joined TIERRA singer Steve Salas ( NO relationship) in a hot version of EL CHICANO's popular tune "Brown Eyed Girl". This was a significant moment, as Jerry & Steve performed the original recording almost 40 years ago, and they haven't lost a beat since...and the crowd loved it!

"I've been listening to, and at times even performing that song based on that version for many years," popular singer/song writer PEPE MARQUEZ said, as he sat in the audience with THE MIDNITERS original drummer GEORGE SALAZAR and a small group of other artists sitting together, "But I never thought I would ever see the original guys that recorded it performing it together on stage. What a nice experience for all of us!"

Around this time, the place was packed, the Gente were well-fed and watered, and the party was in full swing as the next group came up and turned heads with a new sound to close the show.

One of Rudy Salas's musical discoveries of young guys, VIERNES TRESE, a relatively new & unknown group, came out full throttle with their hard hitting brand of bi-lingual Ska & Reggea Rock music, three horns strong, and simply stole hearts.

"We're new, we're young, and we're a little out of our element here, playing for an older crowd and following some of the music legends that just played before us," lead singer Juan Pulido nervously announced after being introduced. "But we're honored to share a stage with this much veteran talent, we're honored to be here, and we're gonna give you the best we got!". ...and with that they did!

Blasting people out of their seats and onto their feet, VIERNES TRESE performed flawlessly, and we all walked away with a new appreciation of new music as the show came to a spectacular close.

New, old, and in between...the art of music has NO age or race barriers!

Bass guitarist Edgar Salas (no relationship to Steve or Rudy), who does double duty with the powerful SATISFACTION Band, as well as EL CHICANO, also put in a great performance on stage with the Salas Brothers Band tonight. " Its a lot of hard work, but it's fun...and look at all the great people we get to hang out with and share our love of music with....THAT'S what being an artist is all about!"

"This is what it's all about! Chicanos helping Chicanos, keeping the music alive, having a good time together, and letting the World know about it!" a beaming Vladimir Diaz of Studio 2425 said after the show. "We gotta do this more often!"

I happily join all the artists and guests in responding: "LET'S DO IT AGAIN SOON!"

Note: To contact Studio 2425 & The Latino Artist Services: (323) 346-3400 ext 1

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West coast Chicano Soul heard daily world wide Internet radio
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