News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes & happening in the Land of 1000 Dances, 3.4.10

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 4, 2010

News from the Brown Side of Town

Orale, mi Gente!

Out of February and into March is where we find ourselves cruising into, with some bad, sad, and good news‘«™but the weather & music action continues to improve if nothing else is‘«™

The bad news‘«™this week, the L.A. Unified school district has announced they will be laying off over 4,500 employees. The Corona school district laid off 450 employees last week. The L.A. City and the State of California will be laying off a combined 6,000 employees in the Los Angeles area‘«™families with kids & bills is what comes into my mind‘«™que gacho!

‘«™THIS is where our labor unions , charitable & community organizations are going to have to show their stuff ‘«™along with all the rich celebrities and philanthropists who have made their fortunes off the backs & bucks of the working class, because leaving it all for the Government to fix is just another lame excuse & direction to place blame when that idea inevitably fails, without pitching in.

The people that got us into this mess should be held responsible to get us out‘«™and this November we go back to the voting booths‘«™

‘«™.think about that one for a minute, as I invite you into my fantasy of having stolen or undeserved riches stripped from the undeserving, and returned for the common good.‘«™esos vatos Robin Hood & Pancho Villa had the right idea for their time, know what I mean ?

We at LatinoLA DO NOT advocate crime & violence as a means of redress‘«™but we DO advocate education, communication, and civic involvement with participation as a means of working to improve the common good !

Actor EDWARD JAMES OLMOS and many of Los Angeles's best artists and musicians humbly ask the public's help in support of Garfield H.S. teacher JAIME ESCALANTE, portrayed by Olmos in the movie "Stand & Deliver", who is battling cancer and needs financial support. For more info, please call 626-793-5300, and PLEASE give from the heart to someone who showed 2 generations how to do so‘«™unselfishly!

It has been 40 years since the Chicano Moratorium changed lives, and the way Chicanos & Chicanas live them forever. The world is a better, more level playing field in politics, sports, education, the military, and the job market because of this historic civil rights movement started and carried out by Mexican Americans of a generation past‘«™not perfect, but better.

To commemorate & further educate all, the Chicano Moratorium Organizing Committee presents a 40th Anniversary kick off event at The Corazon Del Pueblo on 1st Street in East L.A. on Saturday, March 20th, starting at 6pm. Food, film, music, and an art exhibition will be offered to all. For info, please call: 213-712-0370


Sadly, the Chicano Music world lost another East L.A. pioneering icon from the 1960's-70's era as EL CHICANO's Bobby Espinosa passed away last weekend in East Los Angeles. Known for his masterful touch on the Hammond organ that gave Latin Jazz a new twist and unique West Coast Chicano sound that endures 40 years later, Bobby & EL CHICANO traveled around the world, entertaining audiences while educating people about the unique culture that is CHICANO through music. I knew Bobby personally, having met him over 8 years ago, and despite his celebrity, he was always a humble jokester who loved his music, his people, and having a good time. Mi camarada Richard "Thee MR" Duran wrote a nice tribute to him here on LatinoLA . Funeral services will be held March 20th, at St Alphonsus Church on Atlantic Boulevard in East L.A.

Vaya con Dios, and rest in peace Bobby! You will be missed!

In February, many Valentine's Day weekend celebrations went off like fireworks throughout the Land of 1000 Dances, as groups like TIERRA, SOTO, LOUIE PARRA & The MAD LATINS, SOUL PURSUIT, CORY SILVA & AFTER DARK, SATISFACTION, HANK CASTRO and TOUCH entertained the Gente, and made the weekend right.

The talk of the town was CORY SILVA's Valentine's Day bash at the Paloma Room in Montebello, where a generous ( and I'm talking GENEROUS) sirloin steak & shrimp dinner was personally served by Mr. Silva himself before he went on stage and crooned us all into a dancing & romancing mood. DJ Big Daddy Ruben and TOUCH were also in the house, and the party was enhanced by a great performance by Hank Castro, who closed the show in true style.

Speaking of Cory Silva, he will be putting in a guest singing appearance this Friday, March 5th, at the World famous WHITTIER RADISSON HOTEL as he joins the West Coast Crown Prince of Chicano Comedy, Mr. GILBERT ESQUIVEL and friends as the GNR Entertainment Group brings you the renown & popular EAST SIDE COMEDY & Old School Dance Show that has sold out for the past couple of years at the San Fernando Valley's Odyssey Grand Ballroom and other locations. Some of the funniest & best comedians in the Country will be on hand, along with popular DJ STEVE, to bring you a truly memorable evening of laughs, music, and dancing in the luxurious atmosphere of the Whittier Radisson Hotel Grand Ballroom, known throughout L.A. as "Thee place" to be on the weekend . Dinner menu & luxury room specials available, free secure parking, with a special after party at the Radisson's CLUB 201, featuring The COMPANY Band. For tickets & info: (310) 518-2229 or www.jegrp.com. SEE YOU ALL THERE!

The following night, a massive Salsa Show is scheduled at the Radisson, featuring the powerful & hard hitting Salsero mas chingon, Johnny Polanco y Su Conjunto Amistad. With a comedy show and surprise guest DJ, the radisson just may be a good weekend getaway idea. For more info, check out: www.jegrp.com.

I must apologize to all my friends, listeners, and readers who have invited me to join them on Twitter, Linkedin, High5, QuePasa, YouTube, and other blog & social web pages for not accepting the many invitations to join. The high volume of e-mails & messages, plus the many viruses and worms I have contracted have become more than overwhelming to manage adequately‘«™so I remain a computer dinosaur in yahoo messenger and MySpace to keep the traffic safe & manageable‘«™no disrespect intended!

My good friends the SOUL PURSUIT band joins the mighty TIERRA in concert this Friday, March 5th for a PUENTE HILLS HOP crowd reunion in the east San Gabriel Valley ( and you know who you are!) at Nick's taste of Texas in Covina. For tickets & info: www.soulpursuitband.com or www.tierramusic.com.

And if you're many miles away across town in the west San Fernando valley, some other good friends of mine, the SIDETRACS Band, featuring the tantalizing SARA MORGAN, will be performing this Friday all month at MONTY's STEAKHOUSE in Woodland Hills, with special guest , percussionist SAL RODRIGUEZ of WAR fame. For more info: www.sidetracs.com.

I wish to thank the TRUE MEMORIES Bike Club of Los Angeles for inviting yours truly and DJ Mr. O.G. of the LOST MEMORIES radio station, along with actor DANNY DE LA PAZ, to their wonderful bike show held in Montebello last weekend. Lot's of love, good people, good food, good music and beautiful custom bikes on a beautiful sunny Califas afternoon in Aztlan. Check out the fliks of the event at: www.truememorieslosangeles.com/BIKE_CLUB.htm.

Orale, Mi Gente. The Marines may have left Iraq, but there's still many a brave American soul serving in uniform there‘«™as well as in Afghanistan, so please don't forget them and their sacrifice. A prayer for their well being and a little respect is all we ask‘«™.

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,
~Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul.
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