Gozando with Chico Presents Finest in Musical Pan Dulce Vol. 1

Our dear friend Erik "Chico" Manqueros

By Kelly "The Kat" Galvan
Published on LatinoLA: April 5, 2010

Gozando with Chico Presents Finest in Musical Pan Dulce Vol. 1

EKool Katz has some very exciting news and we wanted to share it with EVERYONE!

Our dear friend Erik "Chico" Manqueros from East LA Revue is putting together his 1st ever CD Compilation. The CD will be released on his debut record label entitled Suave Grooves Records. The title of the CD is called, Gozando with Chico Presents the Finest in Musical Pan Dulce Vol. 1.
Art and I are thrilled and excited to tell you that Chico has asked us "The Kool Katz" to be a part of this special project adding one of our originals on to the CD. OMG! We can't even begin to tell you how we felt the moment Chico called and talked with Art about it. All we can say is, the goose bumps and the nerves of jitters are flowing within us and they are very good feelings indeed.


We couldn't be happier for our friend Chico and his family, we know this is going to be an amazing CD!!!

We're not gonna give too much information away so we'll just save that for when the CD comes out. Okay, maybe just a little shhhh‘«™‘«™‘«™‘«™..What we can tell you is that there's going to be some wonderful and talented artists on this CD including well Renowned Artists like the Legendary "King of Latin Soul" Joe Bataan and Jorge Santana, along with many, many more! Some of the material on this project is being released for the first time anywhere.This is just a sample of what's to come and we know your going to love it. Check out the fine artwork on the cover done by Sal Barrajas an award-winning artist from San Diego that has painted 80% of the murals at Chicano Park in San Diego. Talk about Musical Pan Dulce, we're feeling a bit hungry already, hungry for a sweet treat or at least a taste of this Musical Pan Dulce! Look for this CD cuz its heading your way real soon! WAY TO GO CHICO!!

A personal note about our friend Chico: Written by Kelly Galvan

We remember hooking up with Chico back in the day. Sometime in 2000 sounds about right. The Kool Katz Band had only been in the limelight for around 3 years and our name was hitting all over the Bay Area, hitting so hard that politics from other bands & promoters came into play. Walls were starting to come up and it was hard to trust people who said they were going to help us, so when Chico talked with us, we were a little hesitant and wondered, "Is he another one of those?" Well it turns out, he wasn't.

Chico was the radio host and writer for the Latin Jazz Club at that time. He told us to check out the site and see what we think, so we did and it turned out to be a very cool site. The Latin Jazz Club had pages with loads of information about the Latin world, community, musicians, and styles. It also had the most amazing collections of Latin music from the US and all around the world, not to mention some beautifully written music reviews by Chico himself! We found out that Chico has a passion for the Latin culture and all styles of Latin music. He especially likes originals and he told us, that's what he liked about us and our music. We also found out that Chico is a consummate writer. When Chico writes, you can tell he is very sincere. The way he expresses his thoughts on paper about an artist, their music, or anything else is incredible! You can feel every word comes from his heart. When you read his work, you'll know what we're talking about.


Chico told us he was going to write a review on the Kool Katz and our music. This was a moment in our lives that we'll never forget. To this day, we still have the review and every now and then we'll read it and remember what Chico always said "You Guys Got Something!" That one phrase always sticks in our brains and it reminds us that we are true to our music, our passion, our dream and it gives us hope to never give up no matter what! All the members of the Latin Jazz Club respect Chico. After checking out the site, we believed Chico was sincere and true to his word! From that day, we talked more and more and we too, grew to respect him.

Since meeting Chico, he's taken us on a wonderful journey, meeting and hanging with some very cool people, performing in his neck of the woods and introducing us to some amazing artists like the Legendary "King of Latin Soul" Joe Bataan. This led to the Kool Katz opening up and being the back-up band for Joe a couple of times. We were fortunate enough to be filmed at one of those shows and its on DVD now. This was The King of Latin Souls' First DVD EVER! To date, its been sold all over the world!! What an AMAZING and AWESOME opportunity, thanks Chico!! Chico also introduced us to his familia Ray & Josie Ramos, hosts of Our Latin Thing radio program at KCSB 91.9 FM in Santa Barbara California. They've been playing our tunes ever since! Gracias Guys!! We were very pleased when Chico introduced us to Hector Gonzalez, owner of Rampart Records Group. Now this is a man that's totally straight up and down to the nitty gritty :) http://www.eastlarevue.com/feature.php

Chico introduced us to his online radio family at East LA Revue in 2004. It was then that we got to know the Founders and our dear friends Steven and Janie Chavez along with many other members at East LA Revue. Because of this, our music is being heard all over the US not to mention other countries including Europe, Japan, Italy, Australia, Mexico and more! Gracias East LA Revue, WE LOVE YOU!! http://eastlarevue.com/aboutus.php

Going back to the beginning paragraph of this personal note about Chico and wondering,
"Is he another one of those?" Well let's just say this;

Chico has become one of our true and closest friends. There's not too many people like him and we are very blessed to have him in our life. We've gotten pretty close that Art and I wrote a song especially for his show at ELAR entitled Gozando with Chico. http://www.myspace.com/gozandowithchico

To this day we consider Chico, his wife Terri and their children to be members of our family. We are grateful to you Chico and we thank you for believing in us and what our music is all about. Thank you for giving us the many opportunities to share our music with you and with the world!

We as the Kool Katz "Art & Kelly Galvan" have always believed in our music, our passion and our dream. We'll forever be grateful to Erik "Chico" Manqueros for also believing in us way...back in the day and for giving us that extra push when we needed it.

Congratulations and Gracias Chico you deserve it buddy!! Love Yah!

Sincerely, your AMIGOS
Art & Kelly Galvan "The Kool Katz"

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About Kelly "The Kat" Galvan:
Kelly Galvan is the lead vocals for the Kool Katz Band based out of San Jose, Ca. She has been singing for 12 years with the group and does all the writing on her originals produced by her and her husband Art Galvan.
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