A People's History: Chicano Moratoriums Exhibit at MCI

Multimedia exhibition event to celebrate 40th Anniversary of the Chicano Moratoriums at the Mexican Cultural Institute, June 26

By Rosalio Mu??oz
Published on LatinoLA: June 25, 2010

A People's History: Chicano Moratoriums Exhibit at MCI

August 29, 2010 is the fortieth anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium. The moratorium on August 29, 1970, was planned as a peaceful demonstration of the inequity of young Mexican-American's death tolls in Viet Nam. This anniversary recognizes this most publicized peace rally in Los Angeles which later ended in Journalist Ruben Salazar's death and other attendees' beatings from the police force. To commemorate the anniversary of the Moratorium and Chicano Activism, the following event will take place.

On Saturday, June 26, 2010, a 6pm-10pm reception will kick-off a month-long museum style exhibition of numerous photo collections and films, and memorabilia of the various Chicano Moratoriums at the Mexican Cultural Institute located at Plaza Olvera in Downtown Los Angeles, 125 Paseo De La Plaza Los Angeles, CA 90012-2981.

This event is the first of future events being planned at this time. The public is invited to the reception which will introduce the exhibit and also feature entertainment by the world-renowned Jarocho music masters, "Conjunto Hueyapan of the Herrera family" many of whom were active in Chicano moratoriums at their hometown of Oxnard and in Los Angeles. The exhibition will extend until July 19, 2010, with special, art, film, music, each week with the public invited to participate in a commemorative altar for those who have passed in various conflicts, and the surviving veterans.

"The exhibit brings to life again the grass-roots upsurge of Chicano activism of the times, the vibrancy of a unifying movement, the urgency of the burdens of an unjust and unpopular war, anger at the brutal repression of our efforts, and dedication to continue the struggle for social justice and "Chicano Power."' Classic and recently coming-to-light photos, film, audio, and art works, slide shows and collages of news headline clippings help bring out the parallels with the struggles of today for peace, economic justice and defense of our dignity in the face of defamation," says Rosal?¡o Mu??oz, who was the Chair of the August 29, 1970 National Chicano Moratorium, and is currently the co-chair of the "40th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the Chicano Moratoriums," which has organized the event along with the Mexican Cultural Institute.

Items featured at the exhibit will be archival material and memorabilia from the collections of activists like former Brown Beret leader Gloria Arellanes, Cal State Northridge Professor Rudy Acu??a, Diane and Sergio Hermandez, Rosal?¡o Mu??oz, USC Professor Felix Gutierrez, Anthonie Ortega, Geraldine Zapata, Cal State Northridge Professor Everto Ruiz, Independent Historian Cindy Aragon, works by Photo Journalists Victor Alem?ín, Oscar Castillo, Luis Garza, George Rodriguez, Archivist and Historian Devra Weber, Cinematographer Jesus Salvador Trevi??o, collections of the East Los Angeles Library Chicano Resource Center, the California State University Los Angeles Special Collections, UCLA Library Los Angeles Times photo collections, and the UCLA Chicano Resource Center.

This event is the first of future events being planned at this time. For information contact the "40th Anniversary Commemoration Committee of the Chicano Moratoriums" at chicano.moratorium@gmail.com , phone 323-229-1994, or visit their website at http://chicanomoratorium.org.

More info on the Mexican Cultural Institute at http://www.mexicanculturalinstitute-la.org.

Photo: Detail from "Las Adelitas" by Oscar Castillo

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