Why You Must See MACHETE This Weekend

Stream of consciousness by El Editor

By Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr.
Published on LatinoLA: September 3, 2010

Why You Must See MACHETE This Weekend

As El Editor of LatinoLA.com, I have had opportunities to watch a few movies before they came out in the theater or DVD or TV. But because I rarely write about them, the invites have been dwindling the past few years.

The great people at American Entertainment Marketing, Ivette and Jose, not only got me into an advance screening of MACHETE, but also allowed me on to cover the red carpet premiere at the Orpheum.

Being a procrastinating multitasker (not a great combination) I'm finally getting around to writing about the movie and the premiere. But believe me, it is a movie you MUST see, this weekend. And here's why:

1. Danny Trejo is a true Chicano movie star. You know who he is, you've seen in a bunch of movies, he's been great in every one, and he kicks ass as Machete.

2. The movie is non-stop action. Even if you don't like heads, hands, legs and more being chopped off ... blood, guts, intestines ... you could look away during those scenes and still enjoy it.

3. The movie touches on a lot of issues that are in the news ... immigration, border vigilantes, racism, anti-Mexican sentiments, narcos, etc....without being preachy.

4. The visuals are in-your-face and don't back down. From excellent fight scenes to sultry shots of naked ladies, the bright and loud colors of the sets, props, costumes and scenery are a treat for the eyes.

5. It's loud and rocks hard. The guitar-based music blasts into your head and stays with you.

6. The movie is serious and funny, sometimes at the same time. Steven Seagal as a Mexican? Robert De Niro as a racist state senator from Texas? Lindsey Lohan as a nun? Cheech Marin as...Cheech Marin? There are multiple messages in the movie, but the funny stuff is out front, with funny dialogue and situations that may not hit you until a couple days later.

7. The extras look like your uncles and cousins. No kidding, I think every Chicano and Mexican American in Austin is in this movie, and Texan Mexicans are kind of like L.A. Mexican Americans.

8. It's great to finally see a movie about a Mexican / Mexican American / Chicano played by a Mexican / Mexican American / Chicano. This ain't no Jack Black in Nacho Libre, Marlon Brando in Viva Zapata or Benicio del Toro as Oscar "Zeta" Acosta in Where the Buffalo Roam. Danny Trejo is the real deal.

9. Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba love Danny Trejo and Robert Rodriguez. They signed up for this movie and they made out with Machete in the movie. Strong women, strong characters, pivotal to the plot and not just eye candy.

10. What other premiere bring their stars in lowriders?

11. Could lead to a revoluci??n.

12. Gotta pick up my wife from work. She loved Machete, too, and it's really not her kind of movie.

13. You'll feel better, stronger and probably crave for menudo the morning after.

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