News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes and happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: September 24, 2010

News from the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, Mi Gente!

Just like I predicted, the rats & roaches are all running out to try & hide once the lights are turned on, and the exterminator gets called by angry people.

Asked to resign and go with the program, but arrogantly refusing, now most the City of Bell's City Council, City manager, and Mayor are all behind bars on federal corruption charges. Man! I would really like to see that one arrogant vieja's face who acted like the good citizens of Bell had NO business asking her to resign....and she berated them openly, as seen on the TV news.

....hope she likes the pancakes at Twin Towers County jail, and "Sad Girl's" attention (tee hee!)...

...welcome to reality, cabrona!!

And now...city officials are getting busted in the L.A. County cities of Vernon, Compton, and Canoga Park for the same movida...and MILLIONS of dollars are being discovered as having been ripped off from the people, as the self appointed "ruling class" is being hunted and taken down after years of arrogant and unchecked corruption that afforded them an undeserved luxury lifestyle, while raising taxes & fees, cutting back on schools & programs, and laying people off, and acting like they deserved to have this royal lifestyle off the backs of the people, while the people suffered....

Forgive me Lord...but these are the only kind of people I wish hard times , bad luck, and suffering upon...payback is a bitch, but tastes as sweet as revenge!

...and I'm tired of living just a few steps above the poverty level, hard working Gente my Lady and I are.

...y como que recession? With all these millions being found out as having been ripped off, what about all the OTHER millions we haven't found out about yet?...and think about it, this is just 4 little minor league cities we're talking about , and we talking multi millions....think of all the teachers, school books , art & music programs, children's programs, anti gang & drug programs, street repairs, and workers that MILLIONS can pay for!!!

...what were these pendejos y pendejos thinking?

Can you imagine what's been going on in every city across the Country?...yet, public fees, permits, and taxes are being raised to the back breaking point, schools are suffering, cuts in services are being made, workers are being laid off, homes are being repossessed, our public streets are an embarassment,robberies & other crimes are happening more often, all in the name of a recession ...ya estuvo!! ya basta!!....

...and yet, last night on the news, some pendejo economist from Washington says the recession has been over for almost a year....while many of my friends remain laid off & unemployed, and potholes dot the streets & freeways, gas lines & water lines are falling apart...and Mayor Villaraigosa STILL gets free tickets to Staples Center !!...maybe they all see what's coming...a tidal wave of truth and discovery, and more jailtime for the rich and mighty...sounds like a new kind of revolution here!

Sheesh!...how pathetic that our society has degenerated to the level it has, when we put power in the wrong hands....no wonder fanatic militant groups from other Countries, as well as our own, can get a foothold on our society and threaten our very security!

...thank goodness we still have democratic elections in this Country....

...HINT, HINT !!

?íOrale! Enough of the apocalyptic mierda....let's get on with the good stuff & music in L.A., watcha:

The only dirt here is the many fundraisers being held without being noble causes. Rumors are coming out that some people are trying to make an economy out of dearly deceased & loved artist's memory by having repeated music concert fundraisers for the same person long after he or she is gone....

C'mon, folks. A dearly departed loved one's memory shouldn't be manipulated and marketed and crapped upon just to pay somebody's else's rent and car payment! Get a job and live within your means!!...this kind of movida kills the spirit & love of legitimate fundraisers for truly noble causes....and considering the political "busting" movement going on in L.A....we ALL need to think about that!...you're ALL being watched!

I'm all for going to a good music concert, but CALL IT that...and nothing else!

On the bright and Brown side, the recent TEMPTATIONS & MARVELETTES MOTOWN REVUE & TRIBUTE SHOW at the San Fernando American Legion Hall, sponsored by the San Fernando Valley Marine Corps League was a complete and total success. Great live music, great food & drink, and a great crowd made for a memorable night, the likes that have not been seen before in San Fernando since the days of Richie Valens. Local artists such as the COMPANY Band, the BAG OF TRICKS band, the A TODA MADRE Band, and OSCAR GARCIA have contributed to the success & popularity of the historic hall once again, where regular congregations are regular happenings.

LOUIE PARRA & The MAD LATINS come to town for a Halloween dance on October 29th, and plans are in the mix to have a Tejano Music night event as well. For more info : USMCsgt7@aol.com or Castrellon5@yahoo.com.

The recent memorial tribute to Chicano Music pioneer Richard "Scar" Lopez , one of the last original founding members of East L.A.'s legendary CANNIBAL & The HEADHUNTERS who passed away last month, was a touching & memorable event at the Destiny Community Church International in Whittier, attended by an impressive group of attendees from the Los Angeles Chicano Music Community.

Hosted by East L.A. Revue Radio's Steven Chavez and Chico Manqueros, an outstanding historic video presentation was put on by Emmy award winning cinemetographer Jimmy Velarde, presented and historicaly narrated by RAMPART Record's Hector Gonzalez. Nationally renown Chicano author/poet Luis Rodriguez gave a memorable eulogy.

Among the attendees yours truly was honored to sit amongst was author/music producer Ruben Molina, Antonio Perez of MAS Records, Mike Rincon (BLENDELLS/BLUES STRAIGHT UP bands), Johnny Perez (Premiers), Tony "Beaver" Carrol, Mario Panagua,and Adrian Sonsone
( JAGUARS) ,singer Shane Salcedo,and music webmaster Alfred Alva.

One of the highlights of the event was the last remaining original Headhunter, Bobby "Rabbit" Jaramillo, being joined on stage by recent Headhunter David Casteneda, as they sang Scar's favorite Doo~Wop song on stage, as Hector Gonzalez accompanied them on guitar.

R.I.P. Scar...we'll miss you.

Things are still jumping down at the Whittier Radison Hotel, Lounge, and Club 201. Word on the street is that last week's salsa by poolside with was off the hook with plenty of good looking people making it happen. Names like CHINO ESPINOSA, DW3, LUCKY 7, HINDSIGHT,KOOL BREEZE, ANGEL LEBRON, and TABACO y RON have been packing them in . Talk about top notch talent!! Now, they're offering FREE birthday parties at Club 201. For more info, and great deals & other parties, with some of L.A.'s top names and killer DJ's, go to www.JEGRP.com.

The music is still happening on text www.eastLArevue.com and www.ChicanoExpress.com, where the sounds & tastes of CHICANOs, and AZTLAN are heard 24/7. We welcome the latest addition to the heavy roster of Califas DJ talent with the coming of Madame SOULERA, "Mistress of the music after dark", playing some serious , sexy classic oldies from back in the day. on the East L.A. Revue Radio, while the ever popular Dallas Home~Girl mixes it up totally Brown & down on Chicano Express Radio....

...music for the BIG KIDS on the block...

One of the baddest dudes in L.A.'s West Coast Latin Jazz scene, my friend Mr. Bob DeSena and his band, featuring Bob Sink, BillBrockman, and Augie Roman, are bringing it to the people, along with some of the best Pizza, Pasta, and Vibes at PIPS RESTAURANT in Los Angeles on La Brea. No cover charge, RSVP recommended, showtime from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. For more info : (323)954-7477, and tell 'em you heard it from Frankie Firme!

This Saturday, starting at 11am, Lil Willie G, the voice of THEE MIDNITERS, hits the stage with his new band at the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet, and the SUAVE Band does it on Sunday, at the open gladiator school of Chicano musicians, the Santa Fe Springs Swap Meet. Only a $1.50 admission, free parking, great food, great deals, ice cold beers, que mas quieres? For more info: www.santafespringsswapmeet.net

Comedian Rudy Moreno has done it again, with his roof raising comedy shows, now at Rudy's Baja Grill in East L.A. on Pomona Blvd. Top notch comedians, free parking, and FREE DINNER with paid admission. or more info: 323-722-7992.

And lastly, one of my favorite west coast Blues Band ever, THE BLUES STRAIGHT UP, are ending summer and welcoming fall 2010 with some great dates for home town Chicano Blues fans. Featuring the sultry voice of LAVA GONZALEZ, the BLUES STRAIGHT UP will be at the Back Door Lounge in Pomona on Oct 9th , no cover (909-622-6282), then at the original Texas BBQ King in Woodland Hills on Oct 15th, no cover, (818-932-9149), then Oct 23 at the famous taste of Texas in Covina, no cover, (626-331-2824).

Orale! There's always something Brown and down happening in L.A. if you know where to look...and what better place than here, LatinoLA.com...the soul of Aztlan..

?íAy te watcho from the Land of 1000 Dances!

~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al Capone of the microphone, and the "Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul" heard daily on world wide Internet Radio
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