News From the Brown side of Town

Chismes & happenings for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: November 22, 2010

News From the Brown side of Town

?íOrale, Mi Gente!

From killer heat wave, to cool spring breezes, to outright freezing rain, hail and even snow, a few busted politicians, things be changing in Aztlan....some good, some bad...but the winds of Aztlan continue to blow across la tierra Brown...

...and like the caca from the Cities of Bell, Vernon, Canoga Park, Compton, and some other parts of L.A., the folly and greed of politicians, and the millions of undeserved dollars they get away with while taking more & more out of the pockets and mouths of the common man and woman just fries my chanclas to the point of screaming ENOUGH ALREADY !!! YA BASTA, you greedy bastards!

During the recent elections, all the commercials cried about was "those politicians", "special interest groups",and "those up in Sacramento", like they were some form of unstoppable fungus and disease that were slowly eating up all that was good and healthy about California, and we are helpless against them....unless we vote...

I'm always surprised that nobody gets aced, like those in the Black music business, drug dealers fighting amongst themselves in Mexico, or soccer players from Argentina, when all this crap gets exposed....

...but alas...we are part of the problem as our collective disgust of politicians and the political system, plus the ingenious way new age media (and professional con-men organizations disguised as "committees" & "special interests" ) can influence our behavior and beliefs in society have allowed people with money to either buy or be a politician, banking on our disgust, hence, our avoidance, of the process altogether...and has allowed them to make MORE money, while paying LESS into the system, and leaving the rest of us to foot the bills, pay their enormous salaries & perks, while holding up the infra and super structure of our Government and society as a whole...our cake has begun to crumble if we don't step up...

Whenever I hear the words "inflation"...I think " Oh @&#* !! Politicians just gave themselves another raise, and saved some pinche millionaires a lot of money in taxes, and got a nice kickback! "....plus, somewhere, prices and OUR taxes will be raised, "new fees" will be put upon us, and we are having to do with less in our personal lives...unless we're in the "loop".

One such episode which sadly involves one of our own can be found at:


Makes me mad...especially since I voted for this *#$&*&^@% !!....

...ain't gonna happen next time, 'cause CHICANOS are like elephants:

Just makes me mad as a wet cat that our government, and our American way of life, can be prostituted off so easily, while we have brave men & women fighting and dying around the World protecting our freedoms and our way of life....

,,,oh well.... as long as I have good family, good friends, good music, good times, my health, a job, and my Gente can get away with an occasional movida in life once in awhile, my life is OK until the end of the World in 2012....but we must ALL be vigilant, and continue to educate our children and each other so as not to be "left out of the loop"...sabes?..."the end @ 2012" might not happen!
...education is power, and for years, we been lacking, and it's time we ALL got tired of this mierda we let get by us, and start putting our foot down!

If we can't ace them, let's incarcerate them...or at least vote them out of political power and then start going after the money people....it's happened in civilizations & countries older than ours before...

Orale! Enough of the doomsday pedo...let's get on with some good stuff, watcha:

The 7th Annual San Fernando Valley Veteran's Day Parade was nothing but a monumental success last week! With well over 10,000 grateful & respectful American citizens in attendance, plus over 115 parade entries of Veterans, marching bands, military units, classic cars, and other Veteran supportive organizations made it a truly community experience that warmed a lot of hearts! One of the biggest Veteran's Day Parades in the State of California !! The after party at Richie Valens Park in Pacoima was a monument of love & respect to our Military Veterans & their families, both past & present, with food, refreshments, a carnival, and entertainment for all, under beautiful California sunshine

A righteous GRACIAS to the San Fernando Valley Veteran's Day Parade Committee, who made it happen despite tough economic times that had other cities canceling their parades for lack of funding. Next year promises to be bigger! For more info contact parade chairman: fred.flores29@gmail.com

This past weekend saw popular Inland Empire radio personality Thee ANGEL BABY's Annual TURKEY JAM food -raiser for the needy program at Castle Park in Riverside. Despite a little rain, people came out and gave, food that is, as Angel Baby raised a large amount of food to assist the needy at Thanksgiving time.

(What politician ever did that ?).

Popular music performers like AALON, ROCKY PADILLA, TONY ALLEN, LOUIE PARRA & The MAD LATINS,The MALIBU E BAND, and many other artists and comedians fell out to entertain the Gente in thanks for their giving. We'll be doing it again next year, and big thanks to Angel Baby...a lot of people won't be going hungry at Thanksgiving . Gracias, Carnal!! Mi respeto para ti!

For more info: theeangelbaby@gmail.com

The SOUL PURSUIT BAND helped tear it up this past weekend at the Hop @ Club Carnaval in Pomona. Word has it that the old Puente Hills Hop crowd is making it's way back together at another location, and Club Carnaval is that location...and SOUL PURSUIT made it worth the trip! SOUL PURSUIT will be performing live at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs this Friday. A great band that brings on a great time, this is a good Friday night ticket in L.A. For more info: www.soulpursuitband.com.

Our most undying love, encouragement, support, and respect go out to singer BECKY CORDOVA of the COMPANY BAND. Her latest Facebook entry had many a moist tear form when she announced that she has terminal cancer. As a two time cancer survivor, my girl Becky has always bounced back with killer performances, and even after receiving the bad news, home~girl was up in Carpinteria knocking down a good sized crowd at The PALMS Restaurant while accompanying PEPE MARQUEZ and the Latin Soul Review Band last weekend., singing & dancing her heart out.

As a personal friend , Becky has been a part of my musical world since coming on the scene as Frankie Firme over 10 years ago...and I can't imagine it without her in the midst...and my heart hurts... Prayers go out to Becky & her husband Ray and their family, and THANKS for the music & the memories! Well wishes can be sent to: BECKYCORDOVA@yahoo.com

The Latin Grammys were once again clogging up the TV airwaves, this time from Las Vegas...sheesh! Doesn't ANYBODY there realize that CHICANOS are Latins too? Don't they appreciate the fact that had it NOT been for pioneering CHICANO music artists in the southwestern United States, none of this Latin Grammy caca in America would even be possible?...and yet, not ONE Chicano artist was in the running...all these grungy looking , unshaven dudes and cheap looking tarts from central & south America, Spain, and a few from Mexico, with music I NEVER heard of...but they always seem to get a Mexican or Mexican-American comedian to play the buffoon before millions...last year it was Chicano-turned Hispanic George Lopez. This year it was Eugenio Derbez...no wonder these "Latins" don't take us seriously...but they LOVE just looking at our women!...que triste la movida....oh well, I don't play their music and they don't appreciate mine...makes none !...but a big thanks to my homie Al Carlos Hernandez for his latest "Top 10". Puts things into perspective nicely!

Thanksgiving is coming up, and despite all the bad stuff, we at LatinoLA.com do wish you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and ask that we all give thanks most of all to our brave men & women in uniform serving around the World at this time, and ALL our Veterans who ever put on a uniform! ...whoever said freedom was free?
...IT'S NOT !!

To commemorate this, the San Fernando American Legion Post #176 is sponsoring & offering a FREE Thanksgiving dinner, with all the trimmings, to ANY Veteran who ever served in uniform, and their families on Thanksgiving Day. "Just because they're no longer wearing a uniform, doesn't mean they don't deserve respect and thanks. Tough times hit everyone, and our Veterans are not immune to this. Just wish we could do a little more for them", says past Commander Sammy Castrellon, who will be serving up chow starting at 1:oopm "till it's all gone...". Donations and volunteers are welcome! ALL VETERANS are welcome! HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE SAN FERNANDO AMERICAN LEGION !

For more info: Maria Castrellon @ Castrellon5@yahoo.com

And right after Thanksgiving, Ruben Molina's JIVE TURKEY BALL on Saturday, November 27th, at the City of Industry VFW Hall, will help you dance off all those unwanted pounds with the sizzling Pachuco-Chicano boogie dance sounds of PACHUCO JOSE y LOS DIAMONTES, KATHY TAFOYA & THE BEAT, WINO BOOGIE, and just added: Mr Nite Owl himself, TONY ALLEN. Tickets on sale now and still going fast! For more info: www.chicanosoul.com ...Zoot Suits & stilleto tacuches optional !

Of course after Thanksgiving comes Christmas & New Years. Many things can be said, and many things can be bought...but you can't buy or say enough about the importance of family and friendships...two things that have helped us all get though this crazy year of 2010...and I can't say enough on how music and dancing with family & good people sure takes the bite off of tuff times!

New Year's Eve will bring a multitude of local shows as the economy has Gente staying closer to home, and the overtime budget for cops & highway patrol on holidays is NO laughing matter! I hear many are giving their jail cells in the drunk tanks new coats of paint, and the Holiday hot dog & beans dinner will even be served warm this year~!...all jokes aside...let's be careful this year! No offense to the homies behind bars..but I'd rather spend New Year's Day with my woman!

New Year's Eve at one of the safest spots in Aztlan will happening at the San Fernando American Legion Hall, as the sizzling IMPULSE BAND, straight out of the SGV & Aztlan, and PEPE MARQUEZ, The "Soul Man de Santa Barbara" ply their trade for your dancing & entertainment pleasure till 2011. House DJ and master of ceremonies for the evening will be yours truly, Frankie Firme.

Happy hour starts at 6pm, hot food served from 7pm to 8:30, FREE parking, drinking-dancing-merrymaking till next year, and hot menudo served at 1:30 am when the party's done!...all for just $25.00 per person!

Tickets on sale now: contact Mr. Richard Navarro @ 818-581-5572

And...word has it that after some cool negotiations, the Marines of the San Fernando Valley Detachment 1277 of the Marine Corps League will be bringing back another great Motown revue show per popular demand to the San Fernando American Legion Hall, this time, for Valentine's Day. Show will feature the sounds of the TEMPTATIONS, THE DELFONICS,and THE 4 TOPS. Tickets go on sale New Year's Eve, for more info: USMCSGT7@aol.com , see you there !

So many other things are happening here in the Land of 1000 Dances that will keep our Brown holiday spirits up...and we owe it to our brothers & sisters in uniform around the World to keep the lights lit, that they provide for with their sacrifice, and keep them lit till they come home...many ungrateful, ignorant, and just plain stupid & selfish people may never get that last statement...but then, that's the beauty of freedom & liberty, verdad?

Check these sites out for a little more action :

...and of course, check out our Calendario section here on LatinoLA ...why stay home munching tamales & sucking down warm avena, when you can be out living life large among the Brown and the proud?


Once again, as always, this Holiday season I ask you all to respect our women & each other, protect & educate our children, help stop the abuse of our women and children, fight the scourge of drugs & gangs that keep us & our communities down,
keep a watch on YOUR neighborhood politicians, and pray for our troops to come home safely......
...and ALWAYS keep a song in your heart, and music in your soul!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances!..it's a BROWN thing, baby!

~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily on world wide Internet radio station eastLArevue.com
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