left my heart

in da' hills....

By mia soto arzola
Published on LatinoLA: December 21, 2010

left my heart

my emotions all tied up and slumped into one
Tony Bennett sang it best I left my heart in San Francisco
but I left my heart in da' hills
a neighborhood of people that grew up together
great views if you know where to go
hills that I don't even think cops know about or how to drive up the dirt roads
the pushers, the dopers and the lovers
las abuelitas hanging up sheets on the wire to dry
driving by the street that you know so well from 20 sum years ago
it hasn't changed, but that not much
makes you wonder what else is still the same
the feelings, the anger, the love and the hurt
ya - I left my heart en ese lugar
broken corazones, broken dreams
grams cooking that Sunday meal for
everyone to come grub......
what a way to live, love and hope.. till reality bites
sucks that the hills I use to roam are no longer the
same... at least not for me.. they didn't love me the way I loved
the hills - I left my heart en ese lugar.....

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