News from the Brown Side of Town

Closing off 2010 in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: December 29, 2010

News from the Brown Side of Town

As the first decade of the new millennium comes to an end , we can all take a deep breath and say "Ahhh‘«™we made it past the first 10 years," remembering all those apocalyptic predictions that were made in 1999‘«™.puro pedo, verdad?

Ha! Despite what the naysayers said back in '99, the world wide internet has survived and grown beyond expectations, with Internet radio, TV, magazines, and businesses making the world available to everybody without the "big brother" threats of corporate control and media censorship we were warned about!...

What you can do with a cell phone now was unthinkable just 10 years ago‘«™.beepers, free analog TV, land line home phones, typewriters, deliberately hidden history, honest politicians & bankers, affordable higher education, and white guys in charge of everything are now things of the past‘«™

As we laugh and joke and curse about the pendejadas that occurred in the first 10 years of the new century, let us reflect on the last two of 2010:

The DREAM Act was voted down by the U.S. Congress, one of the last white-guy majority controlled of American Institutions. Why? ‘«™well, SOMEBODY felt that having undocumented immigrants and their children earn citizenship and help strengthen America's economy & standing around the World by serving in the U.S. military and attaining higher education to keep us abreast with the children of foreign countries was a big threat to them, and their continued grip of control over America.

Talk about lame! Don't they remember history? That every conquered nation on earth was conquered by a superior military, and subjugated by those with advanced technology?
(Hope they have enough old, educated white guys to defend the country if a war breaks out, or when our country goes broke!)

....like they say, "payback is a bitch", and those you mistreat & crap on WILL NOT be there for you when you finally decide you NEED hem!

Boy‘«™our native American ancestors from Plymouth Rock must be turning in their graves right about now, thinking "We should have hung some NO VACANCY signs up when these pinche gabachos first showed up"‘«™talk about irony!

Yet, Congress has repealed an age old law that now lets members of the gay community openly promote their sexual preference while serving in the U.S. military.

Hey! What's MORE AMERICAN here????

I mean, I'm no prude or homophobic, and like a lot of military veterans, I remember that homosexuality, substance abuse, political preferences, and racial inequalities & strife has existed in the military ranks for many, many years‘«™but sound, rational, and professional dedicated leadership has always kept a strong and proud sense of discipline and fairness within our military ranks that has prevented desertions, mutinies, and coups since our country was founded! Leaders and heroes came in all colors, but color was NEVER the reason for their service‘«™so neither should somebody's sexual preference.

"Being all you can be" has to have it's REALISTIC limits when you bring young people and lethal killing weapons together, know what I mean?

Like discussing your personal toilet habits in church, I don't believe ANYBODY's sexual preferences are anybody's business in public‘«™or a matter of national security that should be included in national defense plans, so why is it an issue that has to be publicly stated?

Up until our recent military conflicts in the middle east over the past 20 years or so, our previous military troubles were with the Asian nations of Japan ,Korea, China, and Viet Nam‘«™.and Asian Americans serving in the U.S. Military endured a lot of hardships & mistrust for many years, yet served bravely and proudly for he stars & stripes without any "Join the Navy and keep the Asian Persuasian" recruiting slogans.

At the start of the 1900's, Latinos and Blacks serving in the U.S. military were considered inferior soldiers, and incapable of leadership, yet, in two World wars and countless other battles, they distinguished themselves gallantly, and earned numerous medals for bravery & valor. Many now serve or have served in top leadership positions that have kept our military strong & capable, making it the best in the World‘«™.but I have NEVER seen or heard a "Be Brown & down in the Marines" , or " say it loud, I'm ARMY, Black, and proud!" recruiting commercials‘«™just wouldn't work, and others in the ranks would feel slighted or left out ,thus, forming dissention in the ranks‘«™NOT a winning team anybody would want to be proud to join. Certainly not the kind of forces that would win wars‘«™

So‘«™is "Join today and still be gay" going to strengthen our military and make it leaner, meaner, and more capable?

Y sabes que?‘«™.even some of my gay friends are scratching their heads and asking WTF? What purpose would this serve but to create divisiveness and increase open prejudice in our military? Aren't most racists also homophobics?....such geniuses, those guys in Congress‘«™.ha!...maybe now the government can finally admit without guilt or shame that the father of modern American law enforcement , the FBI and the CIA ~ J. Edgar Hoover ~ was a screaming closet queen‘«™.

Oh well‘«™vamanos a 2011‘«™watcha:

Word on the street is that the recent Latin Legends Music concert at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City was a sold out, totally BROWN success! Featuring TIERRA, EL CHICANO, MALO, LITTLE JOE, THEE MIDNITERS, SUNNY OSUNA, JOE BATAAN, ROCKY PADILLA, DW3, and RENE & RENE, reliable sources tell LatinoLA this baby has the makings of a tradition in the Land of 1000 Dances!

Simply OFF the chain!! Our congratulations o the artists that made it happen, and keep it alive.

The New Year's holiday this Friday will bring on a wealth of talent and entertainment here in the Land of 1000 Dances...and here's some of the best for the "big kids" de Aztlan;

In the San Fernando Valley , one of the best New Year's gigs for dancing & partying will be at the San Fernando American Legion Hall starting at 7 pm, featuring the hot & lively IMPULSE BAND , one of Aztlan's best, with special guest singer Mr. PEPE MARQUEZ"The Soul Man de Santa Barbara ", with house DJ and Master of Ceremonies, FRANKIE FIRME. Party starts at 6pm with happy hour, then dinner (included), then live & DJ music and dancing till the new year. Free parking, large dance floor, champagne, party favors, and hot fresh menudo at 1:30am in 2011! Tickets still available, call (818) 591-5572 or (818) 621-3920. It's gonna be happening in San Fernando, and word is that it will sell out, so don't get left out!

In other good parts of town, the powerful SATISFACTION Band will be firing up the dance floor in Norwalk at the Guesthouse on Firestone Blvd. These guys and a gal always put on a great show for New Year's, and this one should be NO exception! For tickets & info: www.satisfactionband.com

And of course, the World's famous WHITTIER RADISSON Hotel will have it's annual New Year's Eve gig with L.A. 's hottest DJ's, drink, meal, and luxury room specials. Some of the best Gente travel to the east side in Whittier to party down and make things happen ! For more info: www.jegrp.com

And if kicking it in the heart of L.A. in the downtown area with sophisticated Brown folks is your thing on New Year's, L.A. 's reigning King of Latin Jazz, Mr. BOB DeSENA and his band will be heating it up at PIPS RESTAURANT on LaBrea Avenue. This guy & his group bring back the hot sounds of Cal Tjader, Mongo Santa Maria, Ray Colon, and many other classic Latin Jazz originals. Reservations highly advisable as Bob & the guys usually pack 'em in! or tickets & info: 323-954-7477, and tell 'em you heard it from LatinoLA.com !

Over on the east side, in the grand city of Commerce, Rick Ortiz and the BACK TO DISCO crew are putting together a Disco DJ extravaganza at the Doubletree Hotel Grand ballroom, featuring 70's & 80's disco music all night long till next year. Billed as "A night of elegance", this one is the one for all you disco, circus, and house music party goers and dancers! For info: www.backtodisco.com.

And speaking of Rick Ortiz, that guy has been putting together some really decent rock tribute bands that bring back the pop,fizzle, and sparkle of the 1970's & 80's, and if you like classic rockers like Stevie Nicks, DeepPurple, AC/DC, heavy metal & grunge rock, come on back to the good old days with Rick and his crew. For concert listings and FREE tickets: www.RickOrtizProd.com, and don't forget to mention that you heard from Frankie Firme & LatinoLA for a little extra special treatment from Rick Ortiz and the guys.

And don't let the end of the holiday season stop you from stepping out in the Land of 1000 Dances and sharing love & life with others, says comedian Gilbert Esquivel .

Gilbert & friends have a couple of great tribute & fundraising shows that you are ALL invited to:

On Sunday, January 9th, at the A MI HACIENDA RESTAURANT & BALLROOM in Pico Rivera , starting at 4pm, Gilbert will host a most needed fundraiser concert in efforts to assist Mrs. Yvonne Kupka, wife of Steve Kupka of the legendary TOWER OF POWER band, who is in much need of a kidney transplant. A humble donation of only $10.00 is asked (but more is welcome and VERY much appreciated). Members of Tower of Power will be on hand to meet and greet, and scheduled live music performances include members of TIERRA, the BARELA Band, SAL RODRIGUEZ (of WAR) and his All Star Band, the L.A. RHYTHM KINGS, COLD DUCK, and DOWN WITH 3. Your attendance and support is greatly appreciated! For more info: (323) 397-6186 or (818) 581-9911.

The following week, on Saturday, January 15th, at the SPORTSMEN'S LODGE EMPIRE BALLROOM in Studio City , starting at 7pm, Gilbert will host a comedy and music concert to honor the "forgotten heroes" of our past recent military conflicts:
~ the parents, sons, daughters, spouses, and family members of soldiers past and present.

"These are the heroes in the shadows‘«™and they deserve respect and honor" says Gilbert, who says that along with a talented crew of comedians and guest celebrities, he will also welcome legendary Funk music performers LAKESIDE and The DAZZ BAND. All proceeds will help benefit the American Veterans (AmVets) Wounded Warrior Program. For tickets & info: (310) 518-2229.

In between that, on Friday, January 14th, the popular and hard hitting SOUL PURSUIT Band returns to MAGGIE'S PUB in Santa Fe Springs by popular demand. For more info on a great show with a great band for a good time : www.soulpursuitband.com.

So, here it is, my last "Brown Side" piece for 2010.

I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support, encouragement, and love over the years here at LatinoLA.com, along with my radio programs on eastLArevue.com, and ChicanoExpress.com , where we wish you all a most prosperous, happy, and safe New Year 2011.

‘«™it's a Brown thing, baby!...remember ?

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,

~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is heard on World wide Internet radio daily, and is a regular contributor to this web magazine. His motto: It's a Brown thing, baby!"
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