Join Remezcla on an L.A. SCVNGR Hunt

Juke the city to discover what's been hiding under the surface of LA's fashion world ... and win prizes

Published on LatinoLA: January 13, 2011

Join Remezcla on an L.A. SCVNGR Hunt

The New Year's Resolution at Remezcla is simple: we want to know our cities.

There are so many cool things happening every day that to live in a place like New York, Chicago, LA, or San Francisco and not check some of them out is to waste an incredible opportunity. But with so many new venues popping up unexpectedly and new bands springing up by the hundreds, who has the time? This is why we're hoping you'll join us and make our New Year's resolution yours too. We've even gone ahead and done some of the work for you. Asi que vamos chicos. Let's do this.

So here's the deal: now through January 28th, Remezcla s partnering with SCVNGR (this crazy new app for iPhones and Androids) to map out selected venues in New York, Chicago, LA, and San Francisco.

Think mind-blowing art murals, avant-garde photo-galleries, the city's essential ethnic restaurants, all of these will be mapped on SCVNGR for you to check out. But there's more.

We've secretly selected 20 places in each city, and if you go to them all, you could win a brand new car. A Nissan Juke, to be exact.

But even if you only get the chance to visit one or two venues, there's still something in it for you (asi que no tienen excusa, sorry). At each place, there will be different challenges earning you points.

What's the focus in L.A.? Fashion!

As impossible as it may seem to grow bored of LA fashion offerings, it happens. With the New Year comes the opportunity to branch out and discover what's been hiding under the surface of LA's fashion world. Here at Remezcla, we've done a little digging for you ÔÇômore than enough to get you on your way. As?¡ que get to it, we expect to see you looking de lo m?ís fachon very soon.

Vintage can be the miracle solution to a case of fashion boredom, since it offers the chance to get away from this season's trends. Think of consignment finds as diamonds in the rough, a little tweaking here and there and soon you'll be sparkling. Luckily, we've found a fair share of avant-garde boutiques that take vintage one step beyond your neighborhood Salvation Army.

1. To name just one (or two) of LA's finest, we need go no further than Echo Park's 2-Bad Vintage or its sister store in West Lake, 2-Bad Refresh. Aside from selling retro jewelry and clothing, these boutiques also offer unique works of art, as well as furniture, lighting, and even vintage bicycles. What's more, as a Remezcla Reader, if you play "Juke the City" on SCVNGR and check in at either outpost you automatically receive 15% off any purchase. Also, keep your eyes out for the $75 gift certificates that'll be given out on the 13th at 2-Bad Refresh and on the 14th at 2-Bad Vintage.

2. RIF Los Angeles opened its doors 10 years ago and continues to specialize in designer sneaks. How cool is that? RIF is the sister store of famed LA Avenue in Tokyo, and it continues to offer an 85/15 consignment service to customers, making it the perfect place to trade in the shoes you're sick of for a pair of mint condition Nike Blazer SB Supreme's. With SCVNGR, enjoy a 10% discount at RIF, and on January 14th, win a premium NikeID experience with a NikeID Consultant in your city..

3. When visiting 2-Bad Vintage, don't forget to check out Mishka in the same neighborhood (1547 Echo Park, to be exact). Instead of rediscovering the old, Mishka focuses on the edgiest developments in clothing. A niche brand, the store specializes in graffiti-inspired men's clothing. For an added bonus, checking in on SCVNGR gives you 10% off your purchase.

4. Offering only the best for cheap and chic prices, Nobody Jones Boutique grew out of designer Odessa Brown's childhood attempts to dress up hand me downs from her older sisters. Nowadays, the space is committed to offering above average streetwear at highly affordable prices, going as far as allowing other local designers to showcase their designs at Nobody Jones. And to sweeten your shopping experience, enjoy 10% off all the one-of-a-kind pieces.

5. So now you got the outfit, but still sporting the same old hairdo? En vez de sacar el blower y ponerte ah?¡ a sufrir, head on to Primrose Organics Salon because on January 13th, your haircut, blower, and conditioner could all be FREE. And even if you don't win the free makeover, by using SCVNGR you still get 15% off of any service, all which are carried out using the eco-friendliest, organic beauty products.

If you're not mareado by now from all the discounts we've thrown your way, make it a point to visit LA's Lomography Gallery Store next Friday or Saturday for a chance to win some Diana F+ Cameras with flash and film. This quirky revolution in photography came about when two students in Vienna discovered the Lomo LC-A, a fantastic little Russian Camera that turned out vibrant colors and a wonderful, vintage feel to every picture. Perfect for shooting tu nuevo look!

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