News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes & happenings for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 17, 2011

News from the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, Mi Gente!

The New Year's here and it's predicted to be a much better year than last year according to the Goddess of Ritmo in the Kingdom of Aztlan , as people started off the New Year safely, wisely, and having a good time , and word on the street is that we ALL need to pull together for more than a few laughs....

On a serious note, Tax time season has begun. 2010 was a tough year, and a lot of us got a BIG chunk of our nalgas bitten off by our beloved government with increased "fees", "surcharges" , "late penalties", and "assessments", plus corporate "bailouts", and, oh yeah, taxes and political rip offs that we had to open our wallets to support, lest our humble elected officials go broke and have to pay their own bills, and work for the people that support them.... US!!!

..all sarcasm aside, we encourage YOU ALL to get your taxes done right, and on time. A general rule: Those who do their own taxes will probably be more scrutinized and audited, so hook up with a professional tax service and get back EVERY dime you deserve!

?íOrale! ...on with the good Brown stuff, watcha:

The New Year's gig at the San Fernando American Legion Hall was a sold out, standing room only event, as The IMPULSE BAND made it's mark in the San Fernando Valley, and into everyone's heart with a fine performance that kept the dance floor full till 1am. Adding to the excitement, singer PEPE MARQUEZ also lit up the scene, joining the Impulse Band in some memorable moments for an enthusiastic crowd, and I had a fun night DJ-ing and MC-ing the event. A big thanks to the men & women of the San Fernando American Legion for giving the community what they been needing for a long time!

The IMPULSE Band will be performing and headlining the Helping Hands of Azusa Charity Foundation on Saturday January 29th, then will playing at a Super Bowl Sunday party at Felipe's Mexican Grill & Cantina in Chino Hills. These guys & gals are picking up momentum and fans as they continue to play into people's hearts, and I highly recommend you catch their act...you won't be disappointed!
For more info: http://theimpulseband.webs.com or e-mail: milestoneband@hotmail.com.

The Chicano Music world recently suffered another loss as OSCAR LAWSON, founder and one of the lead singers of the original ROYAL JESTERS of San Antonio , Texas, a popular and well loved 1960's Doo~Wop group that captured the hearts of many in the southwest in the early days of Rock & Roll, passed away last week. Our condolences go out to his family .

And prayers are asked for the familia of legendary horn man, music arranger, and original member of the immortal LIL JOE & the LATINNAIRES and TORTILLA FACTORY groups of Texas, TONY "HAM" GUERRERO who is presently in a coma in Texas.

I got a chance to meet and hang out with Ham a couple of years ago, and I can personally tell you, he was a talented gentleman and artist that knew, loved, and lived the art of music, and made some significant contributions to it, and to the lives and careers of many an upcoming artist in the world of Tejano music.

The music still lives 24/7 on the World wide web radio airwaves on www.eastLArevue.com and www.ChicanoExpress.com, playing the Brown sound of yesterday, not so long ago, and today.

...and speaking of yesterday, "El Jefe" himself, station owner & manager Steven Chavez steps out of the engineering & control booth and gets behind the microphone to give you a celebratory "Rare & rarely played 45's from the 1960's " show from his vast collection of vinyl, celebrating East L.A. Revue's 5th successful year broadcasting across Aztlan and around the World in Internet Radio.
...check him out...he ain't bad !

The recent fundraiser benefit concert for the wife of TOWER OF POWER's legendary horn man Steve "Doc" Kupka was a marvelous success, and Steve & family send a big "Thank you" to all that attended and made some very generous contributions. Hosted by comedian GILBERT ESQUIVEL and joined by yours truly, the event was a straight out party for a good cause attended by many, who got to enjoy the live sounds of TIERRA, DW3,The L.A. RHYTHM KINGS, COLD DUCK, SAL RODRIGUEZ & his ALL STAR BAND, and BARELA.

And speaking of GILBERT ESQUIVEL and good causes, Gilbert hooks up with the American Veteran's Association (AmVets) in a tribute and fundraising show to honor the families & close friends of U.S. Military Veterans of all past & current conflicts, " The Heroes in the Shadows " this Saturday, January 15th. Along with some of the funniest stand up comedians around, there will be live performances by the legendary LAKESIDE and The DAZZ bands, and the DJ spins of Frankie Firme. All proceeds will benefit the AmVet's '"Wounded Warrior" program and families of injured US military veterans. Check out the calendar listing here on LatinoLA for more info.

Brought to you by GnR Entertainment ~ dedicated to " Keeping the masses laughing and entertained, for the sake of sanity in a crazy world!

And if you're on the other side of the Land of 1000 Dances, the BACK TO DISCO crew is setting up a nice 70's & 80's dance party at the DoubleTree Hotel in Commerce, the sight of their recent killer New Year's Disco party. With the outstanding and dazzling light show by LIQUID SKY , and luxury room discounts, this will be a great start of the New Year party for all you Disco dancing fans out there. For more info: www.BackToDisco.com.

Word on the street is that the hot & heavy SOUL PURSUIT Band kicked some righteous chancla up last Friday at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs. These guys are hot and getting hotter with each passing year. Check them out at : www.soulpursuitband.com ~ a party crew for the big kids if ever there was one!

(...rumors have them coming back to the San Fernando Valley soon!)

January 20th sees the 2011 House of Blues Reggae Festival on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. Featuring Latino Reggea specialists the SIMPKIN PROJECT, APARATO, THE BLUNTEST, PACHAMAMA, and LA CRUCIAL .Show starts at 8pm ~ for FREE tickets, log onto www.RickOrtizProd.com or e-mail RickOrtiz2000@yahoo.com and tell them you heard it from LatinoLA.com !

Following a killer New Year's gig, the ever popular & powerful SATISFACTION Band returns to "the scene of the crime", their old stomping grounds, The Lakewood Hop, on Friday, January 21st.
Known for packing houses and dance floors, I hope you can join me and the Gente for another great time in Lakewood. Give my good friend Steve Caudillo a call at 310-367-8439, and tell him you heard it from Frankie Firme and LatinoLA and get on the guest list.

February sees the winter chill thawing out in the Land of 1000 Dances, and the start of another great spring entertainment season at the San Fernando American Legion Hall. February 15th sees the return of the popular MOTOWN TRIBUTE REVUE SHOW, featuring the live and exciting sounds of THE TEMPTATIONS, THE 4 TOPS, and the DELFONICS for one night only. Hosted by FRANKIE FIRME. Don't join the many who were turned away last time, get your tickets early !This event is expected to easily sell out. For more info, check out the calendar listing here on LatinoLA.com, or catch a live web commercial at:
East LA Revue

Besides music, we at LatinoLA also invite you to check out the rich cultural diversity of other artistic endeavors here in the Land of 1000 Dances, in the heart of Aztlan that is the City of Angels. On the ever~Brown East Side, where a lot of things get started, we invite you to look up and into the East L.A. Reperatory Company, whose dedication to "raising the artistic profile of East Los Angeles, while contributing to the landscape of American Theater by cultivating work of diverse artists, and engaging audiences in new experiences ", has begun to garner national and overseas attention. Check them out at: www.eastlarep.com, and tell them you heard from LatinoLA!

Closing note: (Frankie giggling & smiling at his keyboard)

To the young brother or sister who wrote me the 'What's wrong with you?" email:

~ Judging by your comment of "I never even heard of the people you write about", I can only surmise that you haven't been around long enough, or aren't old enough to appreciate the artistic talents and accomplishments, or just the plain existence, of those we do write about here at LatinoLA ...that they are recognized as artists and real people should not be a source of envy or resentment by you...but more rewarding and complimentary to you should be the perspective that they are "Our people", making it, opening doors for youngsters like you, and should be a source of inspiration and emulation.

~ Secondly, " a whole year of hard work" trying to "make it" in the Hip~Hop and Club scene doesn't give you the right to bad mouth or degrade anybody in efforts to bring attention and exposure to yourself in your efforts to succeed. it will bring you attention, but not the kind you want....any people remember that...

~ Thirdly, we're NOT getting rich promoting only those who "pay us off " (I had to laugh a THIS one!) ~ I get CD's, tapes, and MP3's from artists and musicians from all over the Country every month...some I play on the radio, some I don't...but NONE of them have ever enclosed a check, so it's just a matter of what I like and my choice to promote it...you have your preferences & choices as well...don't neglect them just to make a buck...you'll starve!

~ and lastly, a "whole year" is nothing, really, when you consider that some artists have been on the scene for more than 35 years, still perform and draw crowds....and yet, people like YOU have never "even heard of them"...(your words)

....so it ain't easy, and you won't ever get rich quick!...but hang in there!

I thank you for reading, listening, researching,and hopefully, educating yourself on the artistic world you seem to want to enter...and I wish you well!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,

Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard daily on World wide Internet radio
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