News from the Brown Side of Town

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By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: February 7, 2011

News from the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, mi Gente!

It's been cold as #*%* lately here in Califas, but NOTHING compared to the 2 feet of snow that my friends in Chicago got earlier this week...and on ONE day , too!

But It's getting bad and hot for the homies up in Egypt lately...downright revolutionary, if you ask me. So many Americans "in the know," along with a lot of naive, racist, intellectual self~appointed "experts" (pendejos who don't have a life, etc) just don't seem to get it that Egypt is important to America, and we're not just talking about the pyramids, either.

Consider history, watcha:

America supported the corrupt regime of Bautista in Cuba for years, then they had a revolution that Communists just rolled in and took over, kicking us out. 3 years later, we were faced with a Soviet supported Cuban missile crisis that almost drove us to nuclear war.

The U.S. supported Ferdinand Marcos in the Phillipines for many years. When his gig went sour because of his corruption, Fernie got kicked out of his own country, and we eventually lost our good standing in that part of the World because he was allowed to escape to America (Hawaii) with suitcases full of stolen loot unpunished, and he partied on that loot til he died...we also lost a strategic military base and ear to the Orient as well.

The U.S. supported the Shah of Iran for many years. We got the oil, they got our brand of democracy and commercialism, we college educated a whole generation of their children, and it all went to hell in 1979 with another revolution. With religious zealots mind-screwing the population, with American hostages being taken hostage, and America was made to look like impotent clumsy fools in front of the World, the people of Iran turned on us... We lost an embassy and another good military base, while religious extremists with a mindset and common sense from another century continue to laugh at us.

America was well known for supporting Manuel Noriega in Panama as long as he kissed our ass and paid us off, while he dealt dope and got rich, living like a king while his people suffered. Once again, the people stood up and objected to Government corruption, and the subversives were able to mind screw the people into a warped perspective, and our armed forces had to go in shoo him out of a church he was hiding in before his own people bar-b-que'd his ass...and the U.S. lost control of the Panama Canal, even though WE built it and paid for it !

During the Iran-Iraq war , we thought we were slick and would get a little payback for '79, so we spent billions in American cash, and years training and equipping Iraq's military and some puto named Saddam Hussien, hoping they would go in there and kick some ungrateful Persian culo for us...instead, like the proverbial snake he was, he turned on us, took greed & corruption to a new level, murdered his own people, invaded a defenseless country like Kuwait, involved us in 2 wars with him, and even tried to assassinate our President!...the people of the middle east hate us even more for busting him in the act and pulling his covers, but at least we got to see his ass hang on a rope....small consolation....

Despite years of warning from REAL military experts, our government allowed themselves to be shit on by civilian private interests, and the U.S. naval base in Long Beach, and the Marine Corps air station at El Toro were closed down and turned into commercial real estate....leaving our southern California coastal defenses as weak as puppy pee should we ever be attacked. (Sounds unrealistic to some who would roll their eyes and sigh "Oh, God, how stupid!..."...but just remember Pearl Harbor in 1941, and New York City on 9-11-2001)

..is it me, or has our Government have a bad track record of betting on the wrong horse around the world?...keep an eye on Egypt, Mi Gente. This time, we have a Black president, and plenty of women, Blacks, Latinos, and Asians in the mix making Government decisions, so the old white boy club can't screw it up again...I hope...one of our last allies in the Middle East, too...

In the Arab world, which is REALLY quite large, Egypt has probably one of the largest Christian populations in the region that Islamic extremists haven't been able to conquer or completely mind screw ....and Egypt's military arsenal is NO joke, should it fall into the wrong hands....

Orale...mas Apocalyptico, huh?...sorry, baby....pero watcha:

The Chicano music world mourns the loss of yet another giant and legend who once walked and played among us.

Tony "Ham" Guerrero passed away last week in his beloved land of Texas. Horn master and music arranger for the original LITTLE JOE & THE LATINAIRRES, Ham also founded the Grammy nominated TORTILLA FACTORY, and recorded many albums with both groups.

RIP, Carnal, I'm glad I was able to share a couple of cold ones and laughs with you in this lifetime...and I'm honored to say so.

In other parts of Aztlan, the San Fernando Valley is all wound up and ready to rock & roll with plenty of soul as the MOTOWN TRIBUTE REVUE , featuring the sounds of THE TEMPTATIONS, 4 TOPS, and THE DELFONICS at the San Fernando American Legion Hall on Feb 12th. This show has been completely sold out, and NO tickets will be available at the door...sorry !

LA CASITA DEL MAR, one of San Fernando's most well known Mexican Seafood restaurants, will be offering a 10% Valentine's Day gourmet seafood dinner that day to all concert goers with proof of ticket. For more info: 818-361-0200.

On another side of the Land of 1000 Dances, also on Feb 12th, my good friends LOUIE PARRA & THE MAD LATINS, will be performing at the Colton American Legion Post, where a gourmet steak and shrimp dinner with all the fixings are being offered at their VALENTINE'S DAY SWEETHEART DINNER & DANCE Show, sponsored by the Sons of the American Legion. One of Southern California's hottest Chicano rock, TOP 40, Cumbia, latin soul,and Oldies dance bands, Louie the guys are a show to go to...and they NEVER disappoint! For more info, call: 909-227-4849 or go to www.theemadlatinsband.com .

In yet another corner of Aztlan, after a short time off to enjoy the holidays and to share some love with their familias, the " Bad Boyz of East L.A. Oldies", my friends CORY SILVA, HANK CASTRO, and ROCKY PADILLA are back on the road, returning to one of their favorite haunts, THE GREEN TURTLE Restaurant on Whittier Boulevard for a Valentine's Day weekend live show & dance on Saturday, Feb 12th. Offering dinner from 6:30 to 8pm, (included with admission). Also featuring the sounds of DJ SMOOTH in between the cuts. For more info, call (626) 409-1919.

If you feel adventurous, got a few extra bucks in your pocket, and want to take a little ride just north of L.A. for a righteous party with new people, The SUPER LOVE JAM is happening on Friday, Feb 11th at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, featuring live on stage: THEE MIDNITERS with GREG ESPARZA, THE INTRUDERS, Mr. GENE CHANDLER, TIERRA, EDDIE HOLMAN, THE MANHATTANS, and THE PERSUADERS. Tickets are $27.00 and $37.00. For more info: www.casatickets.com/valentine's-super-love-jam-tickets

Rounding out the Valentine's Day schedule in the Land of 1000 Dances, if you're one of those hard core 70's, 80's, and freestyle Disco party people, then the Valentine's day Disco ball is for you. Happening on Saturday, Feb 12th at the Pacific Palms Resort in the City of Industry. For more info: www.backtodisco.com.

February 19th sees Ruben Molina's SOULTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT dance and show coming to Nick's Taste of Texas in Covina. Feauring the fabulous YOUNGHEARTS live on stage. Also featured will be Southern California's premier funk & soul band BALANCE, featuring Chicano Soul symbol, singer SAMMY MEDINA. Rounding out the program will be L.A.'s RICH GARCIA & THE MIDNITE CRUZZERS, another spit & polish Chicano rock group that will keep you partying and dancing all night long. For tickets & info: www.ChicanoSoul.com.

..and the best music on the World wide web is still being heard 24/7 on www.eastLArevue.com and www.ChicanoExpress.com...the sounds of Aztlan.

...being an "older adult" has never felt better!...sorry kids!

Orale, that's it for now, Mi Gente! Check out the Calendario page here on LatinoLA for more happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances!

More 411 to come!

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