Rockin' Hard on a Rainy Saturday Night

Ruben Molina's "Soultown Saturday Night Dance" a big hit with the gente

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: February 20, 2011

Rockin' Hard on a Rainy Saturday Night

Despite being one of the wettest and coldest nights in the Land of 1000 Dances this past Saturday, the beautiful Gente Brown fell out and enjoyed some hot music & dancing action at Nick's Taste of Texas in Covina like it was just another night in Aztlan....rockin' and rollin' till past midnight!

Ruben Molina's SOULTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT DANCE & SHOW was off the chain, and the crowd of mostly 45 & over good looking veteranos y veteranas were out showing their stuff the way it's supposed to be done in the Land of 1000 Dances when the moment and the music are right!....Zoot Suits, ties, tongos, creases y "spit shines", homies were struttin' like peacocks, and the ladies were looking and smelling SO good, too!

...ain't disrespecting, but there ain't NOTHING more pretty to look at than a beautifully made up & dressed up Latina out on the dance floor smiling and reminding her man what a good time is all about...and there were PLENTY of smiling, happy Brown brothers out there!

Hosting the show was none other than Cable/Internet TV's Rick "Thee Mr." Duran", along with "East L.A. Rey Garza", and the gorgeous DJ Dulce LadyDee Fernandez from San Jose, making a guest spot for the evening in the Land of 1000 Dances.

Opening the show was RICH GARCIA & The MIDNITE CRUZZERS, one of Aztlan's most popular jumping Oldies & Chicano rock bands. Getting the dance floor filled up early, Rich and the guys gave it their all for the sold out, standing room only crowd, and the party was on!

Halfway through their set, they brought up guest artists TEX NAKAMURA (formerly with WAR ) and GREG ESPARZA (THEE MIDNITERs, CANNIBAL & The HEADHUNTERS) to spice up the dance floor audience even more, with Greg getting the dance floor smooching started with an excellent rendition of "The Town I Live In."

Next up, the fabulous YOUNG HEARTS came on stage, giving up a most soulful and romantic oldies set, with ballads & bumpers, hitting a high note with their classic tune "I've Got Love For My Baby." The dance floor was full, but hardly anybody was dancing at the moment, as the crowd just kicked back and enjoyed a fine performance while snapping pictures and reminiscing.

But nothing could have prepared the crowd for what was to come next....

..after getting a good buzz & meal on to the music of THE CRUZZERS, then mellowing out that buzz with some romantic soul and slow dancing by The YOUNG HEARTS, BALANCE came out and knocked people off their seats with hard hitting soul & funk, like only BALANCE can deliver.

Featuring Chicano Soul Symbol singer Sammy Medina, BALANCE went through their paces like a finely tuned & oiled machine, never missing a beat. My lady and I were out there bumping shoulders from the first song with people like Mr. Duran & his lady Pat, Ruben Molina & his lady Marcella, popular DJ Lady SOULERA & her man Fernando, and Antonio Perez from MAS Records, while everybody else either slapped fives or introduced each other....BALANCE was THAT good, that the Gente just all wanted to have a great time, and the mood & the moment were just right.

With a heavy horn section, hot Latin percussion, some fine group harmonizing, and some classic dance tunes off their new CD, a moment came where you could almost cut the thick passion in the air with a knife, as Sammy Medina climbed on a chair in the middle of the audience, spotlight on him, and he gave up a heart & soul teasing medley of Tower of Power's "You're Still a Young Man" and The Intruder's "I Wanna Know Your Name." He also walked the length of the entire Taste of Texas while singing, reaching the audience in the back rows...what an act!...(I think Sammy got proposed to a couple of times after that! LOL!)...the standing ovation and screams from all the ladies in the house were a testament to what well performed Chicano music is like, and the positive effect it has on people...MY people!

It didn't hurt that sound was masterfully provided & engineered by Phil Reyes and his crew from SOUVENIR ENTERTAINMENT, one of the best in L.A. , making all the artists sound perfect in their performances.

Along with the lights and ambiance of the Taste of Texas, and the great crowd of people in attendance, it made for one of those memorable "just like back in the day" music and dance experiences that kids today under 40, and the contemporary music scene, will probably never understand or experience...poor guys! LOL!

...and I thank the Goddess of Ritmo that I'm an older Brown dude living in the Land of 1000 Dances , with all this great music, a fine lady, and more than a few years to go before I hit that dance floor up in heaven ....?íOrale!

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