News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes and happenings for the big kids in the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 31, 2011

News from the Brown Side of Town

?íOrale, Mi Gente!

The rains in Aztlan came back heavy duty after a brief break for the holidays, but it was nothing compared to the devastation in Japan two weeks ago.

?íHijo su! can you imagine, a major earthquake, a tsunami, then a nuclear power plant accident all at one time?..our prayers go out to that Gente, for sure!

But, hey!..we got our problems here, too. Have you heard the latest?

Besides voting themselves healthy raises every year, voting to give themselves full pay with medical benefits for life as retirement, even after serving only ONE term in office, ...NOW, our so-called "leaders" in Congress have voted that their children can attend universities or colleges of their choice on a Government student loan, and DON'T HAVE TO PAY IT BACK!

Just another example of our Government gone wild with the trillions collected in taxes, fees, and other "grab privileges'. Just like the City of Bell fiasco, it's going to become obvious how many people were in on the rip off, getting paid while they played (on other people's money), when the good citizens who aren't in on the scam finally get fed up and vote these modern gangsters out of office, and we replace all the corrupt Judges and other bureaucrats that get fat and rich off the public system we support....and we hold them accountable for their undeserved riches, while the rest of us worked our butts off and did with less...

...and now, we're looking at combat action in Libya? WTF???

Then, like the greedy corporations that also rake in trillions of bucks, they collectively hide behind the cloak of "inflation" while they're eating and living well, to explain why there isn't enough to go around...GOD, but I hate that artificial word!!

?í?íComo qu?® inflation? All the governments in our Country.... States, Counties, Cities, etc, have all tapped out the people after decades of runaway back room payoffs, rip offs, and graft, and instead of cutting back on their crime...they're cutting back on jobs and services the collected taxes were intended for.

And the worst part: They have manipulated the law, making progress where they can actually look us in the eye with a straight face, and tell us they're NOT doing anything wrong!....that REALLY chaps my chonies.

Oh well...I'm gearing up to join in and support some grass roots movements (again...como El Movimiento)...so if I disappear...you'll know I hit some nerves, and pulled some covers. LOL !

(.... Frankie watching TOO many crime dramas on TV como NCIS & Law & Order, LOL!)

Anyways...that's the chisme from me in this piece. I left the Charlie Sheen meltdown and drama alone, 'cause the dude's a Latino (that's right!),,,and we have enough pedo in our ranks...orale!

Word on the street is about the upcoming three-day TIERRA cruise coming in October to Ensenada. Check it out. 3 day party cruise to Mexico with TIERRA !

Valentina Estrada has a new Oldies tribute CD entitled " Oldies...relived again", produced & co-arranged by Tejano legend Johnny Hernandez that is just off the chain for you oldies & do-wop lovers. Masterfully arranged & recorded, this new collection of classic rock & roll, 10 in all, will be spotlighted on my upcoming 2nd Time round show on www.eastLArevue.com. Catch it..you won't be disappointed!

The recent TEMPTATIONS-4 TOPS-DELFONICS Motown tribute concert at the San Fernando American Legion Hall was a sold out success last month, and people keep asking us "What's next in San Fernando?"

Word from the Marines & American Legion Vets in San Fernando:
~ Friday night happy hours- monthly birthday celebration party
~ Old time "Garage Party" Veterano DJ Dance on April 2nd
~ Pachuco Zoot Suit Night, Saturday, May 7th, featuring PACHUCO JOSE Y LOS DIAMONTES (with another yet to be announced band)
~ Relay For Life/American Cancer Society fundraiser concert/dance on May 13th featuring the hot & heavy BLUES STRAIGHT UP Band, with special guests George Salazar's popular 2nd TIME AROUND Band, with DJ Frankie Firme.
~ More Friday & Saturday night dances with some of the better bands in the Land of 1000 Dances soon to be announced (If you got a band that's a step or 2 outside of the backyard bar-b-que/garage party level we'd like to hear from you at FrankieFirme@yahoo.com)

For more info: USMCsgt7@aol.com or Castrellon5@yahoo.com.

Ruben Molina has more killer Chicano Soul shows coming up at Nick's Taste of Texas in Covina, and the VFW all in the City of Industry, featuring:
~ LARRY LANGE & THE LONELY KNIGHTS BAND direct from Texas, back by popular demand
~ The CHICANO SOUL REVUE, featuring:
Opening the shows will be the fabulous WINO BOOGIE. Tickets on sale now and going fast. call: 626-941-4115 or log onto www.ChicanoSoul.com.

The SOUL PURSUIT BAND and The IMPULSE BAND recently rocked the Elks Club in Arcadia , just a week after bringing down the house at Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs. Great sounds and bringers of good times, rumors have them coming to San Fernando soon...keep your ears open. For more info: www.soulpursuitband.com and www.theimpulseband.webs.com.

Man...so busy livin' life in the Valley that I missed some great gigs in L.A. the past couple of weeks, especially the recent Whittier Radisson concerts featuring the KOOL BREEZE, and HINDSIGHT bands. Word on the street was that these gigs were jammin' and off the chain, with lots of good lookin' Gente partying hard and happily. There's always something going on at the Whittier Radisson for the big kids, now offering FREE Friday night birthday parties, with reserved tables, complimentary champagne and cake for those lucky few who call & reserve early enough! With FREE secure parking, luxury room accommodations, 2 large dance floors, and some of the best DJ's and bands in L.A., it's something worth checking out! For more info: www.jegrp.com.

...and did YOU know that HOME DEPOT and LOWE's hardware stores now offer a 10% Military and Military Veteran discount on all purchases? Just show your Veteran's organization or Military ID and cash in on this one!

Somebody must have been looking out for me recently...I was turned on to a treasure of a website that hits my love of the Blues: www.southlandblues.com.
Blues bands, Concert information and much more! See you out there!

As expected, the powerful SATISFACTION Band rocked the house at their old stomping grounds, THE LAKEWOOD HOP this past Friday. Always a great group with a great sound, they will be returning o Maggie's Pub in Santa Fe Springs this Friday, and rumors have them coming back to to the San Fernando Valley soon. For more info: www.satisfactionband.com.

If you haven't heard them lately, the BALANCE Band is back & roaring loud, drawing a crowd, and busting out with a new CD that will soon be hitting the radio airwaves. Featuring Chicano Soul Symbol SAMMY MEDINA a lead vocals, BALANCE is one of those great L.A. area Funk-Rock-Soul-R&B bands you will want to hear again & again. They'll be jammin' at the Norwalk Guest House Club Sash on April 2nd, and then again on April 23rd. For more info: [url=http://http://www.myspace.com/thebalancebandnet]http://www.myspace.com/thebalancebandnet[/url.]

That's it for now, Mi Gente! Keep logged on to LatinoLA for all the news, info, and chisme that gets the BRoWn perspective, know what I mean?

In the meantime, keep a prayer in your hearts for our brave troops serving overseas...they ARE NOT forgotten!

Enjoy your life, the sunshine, and music...respect our brethren, no matter WHERE they're from...respect and protect our women & children...fight the pendejado scourge of drug & alcohol abuse, domestic & gang violence, and educational ignorance that plague our communities and keep us down...

...and together, we will live in a better Aztlan, for generations to come!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances !
~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the 'Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul' heard daily on World wide Internet radio.
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