Take Me With You, Nu-Mark

His music has a straight up vibe .... sexy and sensual

By Mia Soto-Arzola
Published on LatinoLA: April 2, 2011

Take Me With You, Nu-Mark

Friday night ..... and L.A. was goin' off on this night as usual. Nothin' new for My hometown!?Š

Arriving late, I thought for sure we would have trouble getting in the door as people text'd me all night before we arrived, letting me know that it was super crowded with party people.?Š

Naturally, being an "Oldie but Goodie" that I am, I made a call to Jason Ha, owner of e. 3rd. Street Steakhouse & Lounge just to make sure we wouldn't have to wait too long‘«™.(didn't have a plan "B"‘«™)

From what I could see as I entered, everyone had come together to show love and support for our friend and one of our favorite DJ's, DJ Nu - Mark, who was celebrating his release party of his new CD entitled "Take Me With You."

So many beautiful people in one room, it was great to see old friends and make new ones. DJ Nu - Mark and his cavalcade of DJ's "held it down', and the party was on! As we walked into the venue I saw so many people enjoying conversations and company with each other, grooving, and lots of beautiful ladies swaying their hips from side to side as the music played on.

It was an incredible evening, by far not one of your typical pretentious Hollywood scenes of snooty bouncers with attitudes & arrogance, just great people showing love and support and coming together for a fun evening of music, dancing, and a good time.

The music was on point - refreshing. For once, I was happy NOT to be listening to "shake it like a salt shaker " and other goofy faux hip-hop MTV music that so many accept as "cool" even when it's boring and overdone ad nauseum.?Š?Š ?Š

The music had the vibe of straight up "sexy and sensual", and the dancing people around me allured me to join them‘«™no second invitation needed here!

After a great night and paying respect to Nu - Mark, we jumped in the car and I didn'thesitate one bit to throw in the awaited CD "Take me with you" ..... it is definitely like the vibe in the club. Sensual mixed with cumbia n' samba. If you see it at your local record shop don't sleep and pick it up. You won't regret it!

Nu ‘«Ű Mark would like to invite our readers to go to his website www.unclenu.com.?Š And download a free mix (It's part 2 to "Take Me With You").?Š Called "The Brady Taboo".?ŠNu ‘«Ű Mark willl be playing at Paid Dues (San Bernradino) on April 2nd and Anda (LA) on May 7th.?Š Look out for the 10" record on Mochilla. This will be the 1st of a 10" series they're doing featuring DJ Nu -Marks production.?Š

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