Border Girl: Another Daughter Swallowed by the Desert

A new novel about a never-ending tragedy in Ciudad Juarez

By Valeria Berumen
Published on LatinoLA: April 5, 2011

Border Girl: Another Daughter Swallowed by the Desert

Greetings Latino LA Amigos. I am Valeria Berumen; a long time writer and Latino LA Amiga. I am very excited to announce the release of my new novel BORDER GIRL: Another Daughter Swallowed by the Desert. I would like to invite each of you to read it.

This is by far my most controversial work yet. I believe it is because I have so much passion when it comes to Las Muertas de Juarez. Since the early 1990s, it is estimated that well over 400 young women have been murdered in the desert sea between Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, TX. Tragically many of these case remain unsolved to date.

Border Girl depicts the life and death of Patricia Arroyo, an upper-class girl that met her brutal fate when her family migrates to Ciudad Juarez. Border Girl looks at the factors that contributed to Patricia's death and to the death of hundreds of young women in Ciudad Juarez and neighboring towns. Border Girl explores topics that plague these border towns such as classism, sexism and the complete and total disregard for human life by gangs and local authorities.

I believe that order and progress can only be made through awareness; hence my inspiration for this novel. I also believe that strength can only be gained in numbers and for that reason in invite you to get a copy of Border Girl; I also invite anyone who has an interest in learning more about Las Muertas de Juarez to befriend me on Facebook as I am always open to meeting like minds.

Latino LA Amigo, I hope you enjoy my novel and thank you in advance for helping me in promoting my new novel. Please forward this article to any human rights advocates that may be interested in this topic. Thank you!

Click here for more info and to purchase the book: Border Girl: Another Daughter Swallowed by the Desert

About Valeria Berumen:
Valeria is a long time author and LatinoLA Amiga. Valeria's works are primarily in human rights and spirituality.
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