Never Enough!

It's about respecting the choices -- music, language -- that other people make

By Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr.
Published on LatinoLA: July 2, 2011

Never Enough!

You know the Fourth of July is getting nearer. Firecrackers are exploding all over LatinoLA, and we're not just talking about the sparklers and roman candles you could get from the corner Black Cat stand.

From M-80s to aerials -- we're talking Dodger Stadium-size -- they're already being blasted in barrio skies. I don't get it when the big ones are blasted up during the day when you can't even see them, pero ni modo.

Frankie Firme let out a heavy-duty round -- we're talking a literary explosion -- this morning with the publication of Enough Already!! He's BOTHERED by certain immigrants who demonstrate their cultural pride, traditions, customs, etc. in ways that are not up certain standards that he thinks are acceptable.

He makes some interesting points not very subtly, but then that's not what we expect from Frankie. He's a down Chicano who doesn't just talk the talk -- or write the words, in this case. He's been an active community member in both his personal and professional life and makes things happen in the music world as a DJ, promoter, organizer and advocate.

But he clearly doesn't like banda.

My queja, Frankie, is that you paint the picture the way Jackson Pollock made his art, throwing colorful chingasos about baboons and fools and craziness while not showing what you demand from them, ahem, us ... respect.

No, I didn't go out to Huntington Park after the soccer match and wave the Mexican flag, but I did watch the game and was proud that Mexico won, 'cause they played it with skill and swagger.

Yes, I do like my Chicano oldies and could hang with the homies.

No I don't like rudeness from anybody blasting out music loudly or trying to monopolize a family event with just one type of music, dance, language, etc.

But what we all are supposed to be celebrating this Independence Day is freedom of expression, among many others freedoms. Just like the mainstream kept your ancestors from freely expressing their culture and limiting their rights as Americans because of the color of their skin, it's a drag when other Latinos try to do the same.

I claim Chicano, too, Frankie. But in this multicultural, global world, I also claim Mexicano, Latino, Americano .... Hispanic when I have to .... and I'm alright with the choices others make.

But keep, writing, Frankie. I'm not moderating you, just stating my point of view and inviting others to do the same.

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