Top 10 Signs You Have Telenovela Addiction

Your every move is accompanied by sappy love songs en Espa??ol

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: July 28, 2011

Top 10 Signs You Have <i>Telenovela</i> Addiction

10. You are convinced that your man is a Don and rides horses, when he's really a drunk and rides Harley's.

9. Your evil twin keeps coming back from the dead to ruin your credit rating.

8. You forget that If everyone would drop dead gorgeous in Mexico, we would be sneaking over there.

7. You make your gringo husband wear a sombrero to work on the yard.

6. You can cry randomly out of each eye on cue, for no apparent reason.

5. You fail to realize that every telenovela series, it's always the same circus with different clowns.

4. El Patr??n of your apartment complex announces he was once a gay caballero.

3. You think Nancy Pelosi looks like a Vieja Mala.

2. You accidentally fall madly in love with your cousin once she is no longer clinically a Dude.

1. Your ex-husband's baby mama is really your sister, from your T?¡o, who is your real Dad.

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