What is Happening to Our Country?

Al Pie del Ca??on

By Guadalupe Gonzalez
Published on LatinoLA: July 29, 2011

What is Happening to Our Country?

So far, you have met the Lupita who is the shopper, sometimes funny, often introspective. Today, meet the Guadalupe who is downright angry.

You see, I have a degree in Political Science, as well as that which allows me to practice law. My Dad instilled a love of the United States and all that it represents, in this hijita de las dos culturas. He taught me about honesty, truth, justice--all the things he looked for in his new world. We would talk often about politics or community issues, sometimes from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Mi Papi is no longer here for us to talk, so I talk to you. Never in my life have I seen this country in such desorden, such rancor, such self-serving politicians who are bent on playing a game of "Congressional Chicken." Early on in my education, I learned that the victors write the history, in other words, they retain the power to tell the story their way--and how the "others" lost.

Last night I saw pictures of Papa John's Pizzas being delivered to the Republicans, who are infighting amongst each other, "Reagan" Republican against Tea Party Nuevecitos, who just arrived in the Congress six months ago and are puffed up with the power of it all. And hoping to be re-elected, somehow. The religious "Right", who won't talk to those middle-of-the-roaders. The news was that they ate their pizzas, then they all left.

I see John Boehner (pictured) (yes, he claims his name is pronounced "Bayyy-Noooor") with Eric Cantor always in his shadow, peeking over his shoulder, standing just behind him like Camilla stands right behind Charles, somewhere in the shot. A mi se me hace que John Boehner better look over his shoulder a little bit more, or attach a side-view mirror to his suit, so he can check out las movidas Cantor is planning. I think Cantor is loading the scene where the witch loses against Dorothy and melts into the floor, "I'm mellllllllttttttttingggggg...." onto his iPad so he can play it as much as he wants. Ese Cantor me espanta.

WE NEED TO STOP THIS FARCE AND GET DOWN TO BUSINESS, TODA MI GENTE! Supposedly those people are running the government. Yes, they are running it into the ground. Those people are there FOR US. For good or ill, they are there because there was a vote and they won. WE ARE RUNNING THE GOVERNMENT.

Tonight I also saw a list of the people that will probably be unpaid if this hole we are in is not patched up ASAP. Can you believe that the men and women who are out in the Godforesaken wars George W. Bush sent them out to fight will not be paid? They, who sought to protect, but got sent out to fight a bogus war and are putting their lives out there every moment--they will not be paid. They, who are separated by half a world from their families, their novias y novios, their chiquitos, they will not be paid. And that is just for starters. Hey, if they refuse to pay anybody in the smallest tienda, that person says, "Forget it, I'm no fool." And walks. Yet our Armed Forces do not have that luxury.

And all because there are a bunch of idiots, yes, IDIOTS, trying to ruin President Obama, trying to show "whose boss", not caring that when people fail to receive their checks, fewer people will be able to live, to buy necessities, to pay their own bills. It will be like tossing a big rock into Echo Park Lake--the ripples will become waves, the waves a tsunami, by the time they reach the paddle boats.

So I ask you, please find out your Congress person's name, e-mail them, tell them what YOU think, ask your families and friends to do the same. Ask them to add your name to their letters. Ask your children for help on the computer, if you need it. Call them, if you can afford it. DO NOT ALLOW THESE PEOPLE TO THINK NO ONE IS WATCHING. "Ay, no se van a fijar...", they may think.

"Oh, what I as one person does won't matter...", you might think. If we all speak, we will make a sound so loud and resonant it will not be ignored. And if it is, we have the power of the vote.

Please, speak up. Do not allow others to destroy the dreams our abuelitos y abuelitas had for us, what our parents worked so hard to achieve. What we are trying to have for ourselves, each other and our ni??os. I am proud that my Abuelito worked as a busser at Philippe's in downtown L.A. when he arrived in L.A.. He was not afraid of hard work, he went in there every day, before he died, and earned an honest dollar, at the age of fifty seven. Please, do not let the Congress dishonor what this country means. What we all mean.


About Guadalupe Gonzalez:
L.A Attorney, Writer and Highly Concerned Citizen

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