TOP Ten Ways Afro-Latino Spiderman is Going to be Different

Not too many high rises in the barrio to swing from, for one

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: August 3, 2011

TOP Ten Ways Afro-Latino Spiderman is Going to be Different

10. His biggest fear is the giant house slipper that wants to squash him.

9. He climbs up the side of apartment buildings because he's behind on the rent.

8. His superpowers include guessing winning lottery numbers.

7. Sometimes ends up saving the wrong people for the right reasons.

6. Sleeps with his hood on so he can wake up with "good" hair.

5. Kills every break dance contest by sticking himself to the ceiling.

4. Got superpowers by getting bitten by radio active cucaracha.

3. Squirts Krazy Glue and Red Soda water out of his wrists.

2. World's Greatest Super Hero with the world's lowest credit score.

1. Swings from pole to pole, collecting tennis shoes off utility wires.

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