"From Beyond" Labor Day Marathon

'Shadow Man,' possessed dolls, Antonios' restaurant haunting and more get relived Sunday, September 4 on Mun2

Published on LatinoLA: September 4, 2011

"From Beyond" Labor Day Marathon

This Sunday, September 4th beginning at 9 pm, mun2 presents a "From Beyond" marathon featuring the first five episodes. Relive "The Shadow Man," "Vanina's Possessed Doll," "Antonio's," "The S?®ance" and "The Covina Theatre," all in one night. Check out the show at mun2.tv/beyond.

To find mun2 on your TV dial, click here: mun2.tv/get-mun2.

"From Beyond" Labor Day Sunday Marathon (9-4-11 beginning at 9 pm ET/PT)

1. Shadow Man: The "From Beyond" team visits the home of a single mother and her daughters to confront a menacing entity they call the Shadow Man.

2. Ghost Magnet: Vanina, a young actress, attracts unwanted spirits into her home after flirting with the occult and the "From Beyond" team are called in to help.

3. Antonio's: An L.A. restaurant claims ghost activity but the owner's deceased son might be one of the spirits.

4. S?®ance: "From Beyond"'s resident medium AJ Barrera helps three people connect with loved ones who have passed away.

5. Covina Theatre: The "From Beyond" team are called in when the Covina Center for the Performing Arts experience an eerie show long after the final curtain.

"From Beyond," a chilling new reality series featuring a young psychic medium AJ Barrera and paranormal investigators Christian Vera (pictured) and Ramiro Ramirez who investigate and document paranormal activity in Latino communities in and around Los Angeles. Throughout the 13 episode unnerving series, the ghost hunters take viewers on a personal journey into hauntings', urban legends and ghost stories proving that the paranormal needs no translation. "From Beyond" airs Sunday nights at 10 PM ET on mun2. For more information, visit: mun2.tv/beyond.

What people are saying about "From Beyond":

"The Episode (four) is amazing, going a long way to help these three young people go on with their lives. AJ shows great talent as a medium." - The Examiner

"From Beyond is the best investigation program on TV!" ÔÇô Seriously OMG blog

"In this new 13 episode series, there is no fiction, no alterations, no made up stories." ÔÇô La Opinion.

"The one thing that freaked me out the most was hearing about their visit to one of California's most haunted locations and they were all scared!! If two professionals and one skeptic are fearful imagine us watching from home..at night!!" Accidental Sexiness blog

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